Recommendations on a Door Sensor

So Im looking for recommendation a decently priced Door sensor. $25 dollar range. Im fed up with the Samsung sensors always going offline. I bought an Enerwave ZWN-BDS a while back for $23 and its is a great sensor. Its a bit large, but is always connected. Very versatile in the sensor mounting. I cant seem to find it for less than $40 now. So iI looking for recommendations on something reliable. Thoughts?

Iris Contacts are pretty solid. Also have about 10 of these for $10/each and they are pretty solid as well.

Visionic respnse is super fast and lower profile.
Slightly Lower price directly from website instead of amazon.

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I recommand checking out Xiaomi Door sensors, Xiaomi Mosion sensors and Xiaomi Buttons.
They are very inexpensive and I use them all.

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My Iris contact are very stable.

Adgreed. They work Great on my V2 ST hub.

I must be missing something on the Xiaomi…The buttons were a bear to pair and 3 out of the 5 that I have are currently wall decor. The 2 motions that I have drop off the map for days then magically start working again. I would put these in a “no fuss” category.

the Monoprice door contacts from more than a year ago, have been 100%. I never even think about them, they just work. They are probably Zwave-base, the Zwave-plus ones look the same.

Don’t know @rontalley. I have all og mine paired via the cache all method and all of my devices are working from day one and the only complaint is the battery level is not working.

IMO the best balance of price, features and ease of use is the Iris contact sensor. They go on sale frequently for ~$14 each, have a temeprature reading, are decently small, get OTA firmware updates, run local, and pair out of the box.


I like the Lowe’s Iris switches. Reasonably priced, low failure rate, and they tend to go on sale from time to time.
Lowes Iris Door Switch

What happens when trying to use with a v1 hub?

Quite a few people have mentioned the IRIS sensors they do seem to be on sale for 4 days once a month at Lowe’s and usually it’s buy 2 get 1 free so it works out to about $11 a unit. I picked up three of them last month and seem to have the same issue you’re having too. Prior to adding them i had the Device Health feature turned on i saw some forum discussions about the issue so I turned off Device Health off and the issue went away.

I highly recommend the Visonic Door/Window Sensors $10.
I have 12 of them installed all working flawlessly & they are very low profile. below is a picture of one on my window with my ADT alarm sensor below.

i picked up Visonic Door/Window Sensors. Its perfect. I will see how long it last.

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+1 for iris contact sensors because they always work and receive ota fw updates from ST.
-1 for Xiaomi contact sensors. They might work for some people some of the time but they are not officially supported and it’s clear why. Also they will not connect to zigbee repeaters.

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Mine are still working, but I’ve heard people having even more trouble joining them now.

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Im looking for a sensor that takes a cr2 battery and can read temps in the room.
Visonic sensors were used by Comcast home security and they had tons of problems. They are working fine with my Sarththings hub as long as they don’t get cold. The cold temp will drain the battery in a week’s time.

This post has great info and I think we should keep it going, no reason to make a new one.

Hi @rhconcepts,
The best sensor I have used thus far is the resest door sensors. The only problem is that you will need to drill holes in the door and frame. And once the sensor is installed, the battery is protected from the cold.

I missed that one, I might have to try it. Someone above said Lowes had sales for the Iris sensors and today I found them at the store for 12.49 each :grin:. Then I bought some Wink door sensors off amazon for 29.00 I plan on testing them side by side. My Visonic Door/Window sensors work great inside but in cold temps the cr2032 battery dies fast. After I test the Wink and Iris side by side I will come back with a update.