Recommendation for indoor camera

If your hikvision cams have mjpeg streams (I think pretty much all of them support mjpeg), then yes. Only way to view IP cameras in actiontiles is with an mjpeg url. I have one and it works.

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Ok great that is a relief.

I am struggling with my URL, as per a number of forums i have found that the format/syntax should be:


But this is not working, and i have no idea where i am going wrong.

I have DS-2CD2342WD-I cameras into the NVR, which has an address of, then each camera has it’s own IP address assigned by the NVR in the format of

Any ideas?

That’s an rtsp stream and it won’t work. As I said, AT will work with pretty much any camera’s mjpeg stream, but that’s it.

Each camera will need to be setup in actiontiles as a media tile, with the url pointing to the mjpeg stream of the individual camera. You can’t use your NVR.

I suggest you read up on how to set a sub stream for each camera as mjpeg, and also how actiontiles works with video streams.

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