Receptacles with smart monitoring on BOTH outlets?

Several of the “smart outlets” - GE/Jasco, Smartenit, etc - have control/monitoring from only one outlet.

While I don’t care as much about control, I’d like to at least monitor both my washer and (gas) dryer without wall-warts. Does anyone know of any dual-outlet receptacles that support monitoring on both? Protocol not important.

IDevices makes one, and there is some integration through Ifttt, but I don’t think the energy monitoring is exposed outside of Idevices own app. So you could get the information, but I don’t think it would be actionable in smartthings if that matters.

Currant has a plug in pocket socket with SmartThings integration which is available now. They have also announced a future release of an inwall version, and even an in wall 20 amp version, but those aren’t available yet.

As always, check the specs for any individual model you are considering to make sure it could handle the load, particularly the combined load of two large appliances.

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Tp-link Kasa outlet kp200?

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I forgot to say…

When most people say “monitoring” they mean “energy monitoring.” So that’s the context of my previous post.

If you just want to turn the device on or off, there might be some additional options.

This doesn’t have energy monitoring at all, unfortunately.

Yes, I did mention not caring about control, but sorry for not making that more explicit. The goal is to record energy usage so that I can determine when device operation has finished.

Sucks that the iDevices uses SmartLife, but that Currant seems interesting. It would be great if they’d angle for ZB/ZW on that, but at least some native compatibility over WiFi is good enough. Thanks for the lead!

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IDevices uses their own Connected app as far as I know. Not SmartLife.

They also have their own Ifttt channel.

Oh, I had found this thread through a search that claims it was. But either way, I’ve always tried to shy away from IFTTT (I’ve never used it, so perhaps I’m being unreasonable).

But anyway, now that you put me on the right path, what about the ConnectSense that you mentioned a couple of months ago? I do have both HomeBridge and Alexa connected; I’d be able to get the device to show in the ST app?

You still won’t be able to get the ConnectSense to show up in the smartthings app. And they don’t have an ifttt integration which is why I didn’t mention them in the first post. It’s a nice device, but you’re only integration is going to be through Alexa and that’s just a lot more complex to set up. If you just went on/off, though, it’s an available now 20 amp and wall receptacle with two independently controllable outlets, so definitely a candidate for that use case. And you would get the energy monitoring information through their own app.

I don’t think HomeBridge is going to help for this particular use case, but @pizzinini might have more to say. :sunglasses:

I could be wrong, but given that it’s just that one post from that one individual I suspect they were confusing it with a different company with a similar name.

Go don’t have a HomeKit device with power meter so I can’t say for sure if this works: you could create a rule in the iDevice app that turns on/off a virtual switch based on the power level, and you include the virtual switch via Homebridge. You can then write rule for monitoring your laundry for the virtual switch In Webcore. It will probably work, but there are lots of opportunities for errors.

Have you considered just using something like the zoos zen15. They don’t look like clunky smart plugs. (i know they create a lot of z-wave traffic but they work great! :blush:)


Have you considered the Zooz ZEN25? It’s a single wall wart, but it has two independently controllable outlets with separate (and combined) energy monitoring. It’s also very small profile and stackable.

I did see that, but it’s only rated for 10A. Even having a gas dryer, I’m not certain that would allow me to run both washer and dryer at the same time.

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Great device, but I doubt if it will match the specs for two major appliances, though. It’s limited to a maximum of 10 A.

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