Recent Issue with delayed Android phone presence

So I recently started using the presence sensors again (I kinda forgot about them and realized that I could now open my door automatically now that I have a smart lock) and so I got it working for my phone as well as my wifes. For a few weeks things worked great, the device knew exactly when I got back, the lock magically unlocked and the alarm turned off right around when I turned onto my street, right where the geofence starts. In the past couple weeks however this has not been the case, and seems to be around the time the app was updated. Often there is about a 1 min delay now from when I actually get home to when it says I do. What is weird is that I also have a physical sensor for an employee that often works at my house and his gets delayed as well, so it isn’t any settings on the phone. The smartthings app (on android) has battery optimization off and background is allowed. Anyone else getting the same thing?

The SmartThings app based presence has been hit or miss for quite some time with people reporting similar issues to you.

If presence is important to you, there’s a nice Tasker profile a community member put together with high accuracy and low battery usage:

A number of people are using it and it has been very effective.

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Depending on your phone and your power settings, you may need to whitelist the smartthings app as well as your GPS radio.