Delay in presence detection after android app update?


After the latest update of Smartthings android app I am seeing delay in presence detection.For eg. when I reach home, it takes a few mins for the presence to be detected. This delays the mode switch and triggers false security alarms when I open the door (door sensor) as mode is still set to away. I don’t remember seeing this behavior before the latest update. Anyone else seeing the same behavior and if there is any work around?


There are a number of threads on presence detection with SmartThings and the various issues people have had. I don’t think there is a single solution that everyone agrees is the silver bullet, but there are a number of workarounds.

In other threads, I’ve mentioned how you can use SharpTools + Tasker to create a virtual presence device, but this is targeted toward tinkerers. (For full disclosure, I’m the developer of SharpTools)

SmartThings Virtual Presence with SharpTools

I’ve seen other posts talking about chasing down various settings on their phones, but this almost always seems to end with mixed results. Others have put together creative solutions with their DD-WRT powered routers as a presence solution. And others have used Life360 as a simple alternative.

Android presence has not worked for me for awhile. However, switching my phone to “battery saver mode” makes it about 99% accurate. High accuracy mode, is horrible.

oh ok… can try that. But I thought putting phone in battery save mode would make it scan for location even less frequent :smile: