Really Need Cellular Backup

Is there at ETA for supporting a USB Cellular backup device on V2?

I know I can use a MifI or other device connected to a router. BUT… Iris for example has verizon USB backups that cost $4.99 a month.

That’s a great price. And having native support for that avoids - COSTS, COMPLEXITY, RELIABILITY issues.

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I’d MUCH rather do the cellular backup at the router level but each to their own.

The V2 hub has USB ports so they may add it as a feature in the future, I’m not sure that it has been said anywhere for definite that they will add it as a feature though so if they haven’t then hopefully there isn’t an expectation that they are definitely going to but if they do, that’s an added bonus.

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Costs complexity, reliability are my concerns. KISS principles in full effect for a home security product.

I like the idea of cellular backup at the router level. Use it all the time, but want it directly on my smartthings for ultimate simplicity and reliability.

What is your celllular backup connection costing you for the router level?

This article might help get someone a backup:

I really like the look of the Karma option, 14/gb, and should never need any data, when I do, well worth the price.

I have to figure out how to connect it to network, it appears to be a wifi device. My router only will do failover with ethernet. Don’t want to setup something in the middle…

This is my big issue. it’s easy enough to use a wifi bridge, but I don’t want another active wifi network in my house. Already have two.

I may look for a USB LTE adapter and try Freedompop BYOD. But this is more complex with a router doing the failover, than I like.

just want a 4.99 cellular backup option like Iris offers.


At the moment nothing but once I’m using pfSense I will… maybe a USB LTE device like you say or a cheap Android phone using USB tethering.

I have to ask, if you have cellular backup at the router level already, why do you need to replicate (and restrict) it down to the ST hub level?

I use cellular backup routers for commercial setups.

Nothing to do with my ST setup.

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Ah I see now.

I guess my only concern with cellular backup at the router level is making sure you have the ability to lock everything else out that’s ‘non-essential’ the moment it switches to cellular backup.

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That’s fairly simple enough. Use a dedicated router with your failover Cellular, and only our ST plugs into that. That then plugs into the rest of your network for primary internet.

I just don’t prefer to go this route because then my router has to work, the failover has to work, ST has to work, cell backup has to work and my UPS for the router has to work. Lots of single points of failure.

With ST natively supporting a USB Modem… only ST and the Cell backup have to work. Everything else can fail.

This is true though ultimately you’d probably want the ST hub on a UPS as well, I don’t fancy those 4xAA batteries running for very long… I actually have my ST V2 hub powered by PoE and while I don’t yet, I can also power the Motorola cable modem and the Ubiquiti USG via PoE as well, all I need to do then is pop the switch on a UPS and I’m golden :smile:

I would prefer to have the app engine running locally. Only update it when you add in a new smart app, or there is a platform update, etc. Relying on the cloud causes lag, and stability issues. this way, we can keep our current setups intact and working and not have to worry about some back end changes cause stuff that worked to suddenly break.

Not to mention its more secure without your data going out and back from the cloud etc.

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Sure, I agree, more local = better for me.

However, my primary concern at the moment isn’t local vs cloud - it’s getting an alarm out to the intertubes in the event of an intrusion that occurs while the internet is down. This is key to a security solution.


My hub is connected to the cellular network 24/7 365 and have NO monthly charges.
I have been running this platform for over a year and has proved a reliable solution.

This is how I did it;

  • Purchased a aircard 778s mobile from FreedomPop for $40. They give every user 500MB for free every month.
    (Because the aircard 778s does not have an Ethernet port to connect to the SmartThings Hub I had to);
    Purchased Vonets VAP11G Wireless Adapter WiFi Bridge AP For RJ45 for $15
    Purchased a 10,000MWh USB battery with 3 USB ports (because I want full battery backup for hub, aircard, WiFi adapter)

Connected in all together, put it in a small cardboard box and placed it in a closet.

I have just about 50 devices and many routines(apps) and only consume about 165MB out of the 500MB per month.

The trick is getting your freedompop account setup properly. There are plenty of horror stories about freedompop but if you pay careful attention to their detailed instructions (and read the fine print) you can enjoy this very reliable setup for around $55 with zero monthly charges.


I just did the FreedomPop thing. What’s some of the gotcha’s in the fine print? I’m sure I paid too much for a USB device that will USB plug into my ASUS router (awesome AC3200 btw) that will do automatic failover, but I’m allergic to monthly fees. :slight_smile: How will they get me?


While I really want an integrated cellular backup, ala IRIS who has it for 4.99 a month, to ensure my security is reliable. I am going to go router/cellbackup for now.

For that purpose I am bought a FREEDOM POP BURST HUB for now and will plug it in as a failover internet connection to the router my ST is connected to, for now.

So thank your for the experience. How to do prevent Freedompop from getting over on me?

The gotchas are automatically signing you up for paid services and making you jump through hoops to downgrade to the free service. I really isn’t that hard but you have to read everything carefully. Obviously they are trying to sell their paid service and that is how they steer people.
Other gotchas is making sure your account stays active once you downgrade. For my my account went inactive and it took a support call to get the problems worked out but it has been smooth ever since.

I was originally on the WiMax HubBurst modem which had Ethernet ports but since the WiMax shutdown I had to go with the aircard because they are not offering a device with Ethernet ports yet.

Also, for me I have my aircard set to 3G only and it seems to be more reliable (perhaps my location) but the SmartThings hub doesn’t require a fast connection, only a reliable one.

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The FreedomBust hub is a WiMax only device and that service is being shutdown since Nov 6th this year. If it is still working, it won’t be for long.

Well. Great. it’s past nov 6. LOL.

I really want a pure ethernet connection. Outside of that I need a USB device and a compatible router. Any suggestions?

Sprint makes a router that has a cellular fallback but to my knowledge Freedompop does not support it (yet) It should be possible but I wasn’t willing to spend time and money blazing that trail. If you don’t mind spending $20 a month Sprint has the device that will work.

Asus AC3200 and USB modem (in theory).

I’ll be trying this combo in about a week. I’ll report how it goes.

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