Really Impressed with Edge Driver Performance

I finally got all 170+ of my devices converted over to Edge Drivers and rebuilt my control panel SmartApp for the new platform too. I’m really impressed with the performance. I see the device status change on my control panel almost instantly! With Groovy the fastest I ever saw was around 3-6 seconds. With Edge we’re talking milliseconds! Very cool! :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick video of it in action just so show how fast it is!


The control panel is a Chrome Box that’s recessed in the wall with a ViewSonic touch screen monitor. It runs a webapp that I built which also connects to Nest API, Airthings API, Ambient Weather API, Weather Underground, Amcrest Camera streams. I have one on each level of the house and find it super useful.

Here’s another quick video:

My app is built with NodeJS. It uses context.api.subscriptions.subscribeToDevices to get the device events back. It uses a socket server to push the updates out to the control panels.

The other integration run as separate NodeJS applications. They all run on a local server and I use PM2 to mange the processes. For the Amcrest cameras I use FFMPEG to convert the RTSP steam to an MPEG video stream.

If any one has questions I’d be happy to share more!


Yes, I’m totally interested! Looks amazing!

great job, could you share how you did it?

Okay, I broke out the code for the ST part and cleaned it up a bit. It’s on Github at the link below with instructions on how to set it up.

Could you add a license to the repo, just to clarify usage? I’d suggest something simple like the MIT license.

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