Read temperature in from raspberry pi


I’m looking to integrate my existing raspberry pi based automation system for a chicken coop with my Smarthings system so I can read in data from an external temperature sensor. The PI is running headless and is set up to be fairly resilient to internet drop outs as it operates the chickens door and I can’t have it stop working through an internet failure. Hence I’m not looking to change too much on the way that the PI operates. The pi does however update a txt file with a single temperature value that is updated regularly and I can read this from a html interface from outside my home network.

So, the question is: Is there an easy way to set up a virtual temperature sensor that pulls its value straight from the text file on my Raspberry Pi? I’m fairly new to Smarthings so have struggled with some of the more complex (and some of the basic!) setup of ST stuff but if anyone could give me any pointers it would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


Hi Dan, I don’t have a solution for you as my DS18B20 reporting to ST failed just yesterday and I’m looking for a new solution. I am curious to hear about your chicken coop set up as that is what I am using Raspberry Pi and ST for as well. My configuration is reliant on wifi and ST telling the Pi to open and close the door. Sounds like you have the Pi working autonomously and only reporting the status to ST? Here is my project write up - Solar-Powered Raspberry Pi Controlled Chicken Door with Smartthings Integration
I look forward to chatting!