Random siren trigger

So we just had our Aeon Gen5 Siren trigger randomly at 3:30 AM. Definitely has my wife on edge. No notification of an intrusion, which was weird, but it did activate a light response as if there were. I checked the history of all devices, and no door opened or glass break sensor triggered. Even the home monitor part of the app said “Everything OK” as the siren was blaring.

Is this normal ST poltergeist activity? Sounds like others have random events trigger sometimes. The dang siren in the middle of the night is a jarring one!

I have the Aeon Gen 5 Siren, never experienced any false triggers

yes, I think most people reading forums for the past couple years, would have to agree this is normal Smarthings (ST) false-alert activity.

That is why I do not enable my ST sirens for ST alarms. So far for me, they have never sounded unexpectedly, and I assume this is because I have avoided ANY routines with ST security sirens (my wife is tetchy, and my sleep is paramount). But IMO they could still be falsely triggered since they are still connected to ST, and my interpretation of the posted false alarms, suggests that false events can be reported, and unprogrammed actions can be enacted, at any time.

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Thanks all for the feedback. I figured out the trigger, which resolved this concern but created a new one. It turns out I had accidentally added our Lil’ Bee to our home security setting as a motion sensor (it’s a long story but involves my phone unlocking and having a party in my pocket while I did yard work yesterday). It was 3:11 AM that the response to an intrusion triggered, but not until 4:51 AM that I received an alert that it was an intrusion detected in the room with the Lil’ Bee (thankfully did not activate the siren again). It was just normal bedtime tossing and turning.

So in the end, it was my fault the alarm triggered, but it’s pretty troubling that it was nearly two hours before the alert came through and the app officially recognized it as an intrusion. Were it a real intrusion, I would want to know the breach point (and our house has many candidate entry points) immediately so I could confront the threat. As an added kick in the crotch, the intrusion alert on my phone woke me up again!

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This just happened to me yesterday. My Aeon Siren (gen 5) was on when I arrived home. I never received an alert that it was on and it was not set to trigger on any motion sensor etc. When I tried to disarm it outside the home, the ST app said the siren was off. I physically had to disarm it as I could not disarm it from the app.

I called ST customer support and they could not identify the trigger on the back end. They did not show the siren going off at all. Which is concerning as I had been gone for 9 hours and there were pets in the house. They told me to call back (if it happened again) with the exact time so they could try to identify the problem. It seems, from responses to my thread and other message board posts, that this is just a thing that happens with ST - false alerts.

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