Raise or lower relative temperature on multiple thermostats at once?

Does anyone have a way to raise or lower the set temperature on multiple thermostats at once?

**Clarification:**By “raise or lower” I mean changing the temperature incrementally relative to the current set point, not setting the temperature absolutely. In other words, if I’m cold, I want to to raise the set temperature by 2 degrees relative to the current settings, whatever that setting is.

**Scenario:**I have 8 Sinope baseboard thermostats in the house. Scheduling and home/away modes work great, and generally we’re comfortable. But sometimes, we’re at home and find it cold, so I want to manually override the scheduled setting and raise the temperature in a group of rooms (all the rooms on the main floor, for instance, if it’s nowhere near bedtime). Right now, I have to do it on 3 separate thermostats, individually. I’d like to be able to create a group or virtual thermostat, hit + on that device, and have it increase the temp on 3 thermostats.

I’ve been looking around for this since last winter, and haven’t been able to find an answer.

Thanks for any help

Have you tried asking in the CORE Peer Assistance thread? Core is a very powerful community created rules engine for SmartThings. It calls each individual rule a “piston.” The folks in that thread should be able to tell you if it can be done with Core. :sunglasses:


Thanks JD.
I wasn’t aware of CoRE, I’ll see if they/that can help


Turns out CoRE has the functionality I was looking for built-in.
It doesn’t work with SmartThings’ “Simulated Thermostat”, but does work with a momentary button, which I found some code for in the other thread.

I created a momentary button, added it to a SmartTiles dashboard, and use that button trigger a piston that raises the temperature on a group of thermostats.

Thanks for the direction.