Automation - Multiple Temps on Multiple Thermostats

Got two thermostats:

  1. Ecobee 3 for downstairs unit
  2. Generic ZWave thermostat for upstairs unit

Doesn’t seem like I can use the Goodnight Routine to set temperatures on more than one thermostat at a time. Am I missing something? Or should I be doing this another way? Is there a better solution for Automation than the ST stock items?

I’ve heard how great RuleMachine is/was but can’t seem to get it. Was told it’s retired etc.


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An easy way to get round this is to just use the Goodnight routine as an empty shell and use CORE to perform these tasks, triggered by the Goodnight woutine being run. It gives you much more flexibility across the board, not just with thermostats.

What is this CORE you speak of and how does one obtain it? Lol :slight_smile:

Is it a replacement for RuleMachine?

search is your friend… there’s even a bunch of very helpful people to assist with setting it up

It basically replaced everything RM did and more

CoRE (Community’s own Rules Engine) - is a rule engine that takes events and states as input and executes actions based on the relationships between these events and states. CoRE is the main application that hosts Pistons. The piston is a decisional unit in CoRE that does the heavy lifting of subscribing to events, performing conditional evaluation, and executing required actions. There can be as many pistons as you need inside CoRE.