RainMachine Mini-8 Smart Wifi irrigation controller

I think it’s now available on Amazon. Just got this email. I am a happy Rachio Iro guy…

I would like to get a Forecast Sprinkler Irrigation Controller to use on my 6 valves system. I was limited to mostly 3 systems: Rachio IRO, Blossom and RainMachine Mini-8, and found their comparison via http://www.homecontrolhelp.com/2015/06/rainmachine-mini-8-vs-blossom-vs-rachio-iro-smart-wifi-irrigation-controller.html The RainMachine Mini-8 can start the system from the controller and have the good price. It is easy to install and program for me. However, the remote access feature only worked with my phone in one room.

How different is the Mini model from the original Rainmachine Sprinkler Controller? Is better than Rachio?

Unfortunately can’t help you here as I use Rachio - Gen 1 May be somebody in the community can comment? The Rachio works great for me.