Question for the HiveMind: Should I switch from Ecobee back to Nest?

Keep in mind through this whole conversation that I have a SmartThings home, and use Keen vents everywhere. I use @yracine software in SmartThings to adjust the vent operation in each room.

A few years ago, I switched from Nest to Ecobee 3 because, at the time, Nest did not have remote sensors. The Ecobee has been very reliable, but fussy to work with because it’s not a learning thermostat. (In hindsight, I am glad I did switch just before Google pulled the “works with Nest” APIs away. Bullet dodged.)

Now that Nest and SmartThings are playing nicely again, I’m strongly considering moving back to Nest because (a) they now have remote sensors, (b) I liked the learning aspects of Nest, ( c ) the @yracine software still works, and (d) I have given over much of the rest of my house to Google: nest cams, nest hello, nest audio, nest hubs, etc… the last hold out is the thermostat – so I thought it would be nice to be all in the same ecosystem for my external feeders into SmartThings.

What’s the general opinion in this group? Would I regret moving back to the Nest thermostat?

No. Their remote sensors are dumb because they don’t detect occupancy. The ecobee is still superior.

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So those remote sensors just are temp sensors?

They have added some features and they often send me suggested schedules based on habits soo…isn’t that “learning”?

I love the Ecobees! I just wish the sensors would set occupied vs unoccupied faster than 30 minutes.

Yes. And they don’t even show up in SmartThings with the official integration

I have the same experience as @rontalley : there are definitely some learning components, I don’t know how they compare feature to feature with nest.

We’ve had an ecobee3 lite for a couple of years and like it a lot. But of course we like the HomeKit Integration also. If you prefer the nest and can afford to switch, it’s your choice. :sunglasses:

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