Question about routine triggers

I have a newbie question about ST routines and their automated triggers. I want to setup a routine that will run when my wife comes home with an arrival sensor that will unlock the front door and turn the lights on. But I don’t want it to turn the lights on during the day, only at night. Also I want to setup routines that will turn on a virtual switch for a big talker announcement, the routine would be based on a presence (arrival sensor) and open/close sensor.

So my question is can a routine have multiple triggers/conditions? Such as run if “person A arrives” & “after sunset”?

Also another one would be run if “person A arrives” & “Front door opens”?

I don’t believe this is possible with the standard apps that SmartThings provides. It is 100% possible with CoRE. I do what you want to do.


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What is CoRE?


Thank you for the response. It is kinda what I was figuring by the layout of the “routines” but the “CoRE” smartapp looks like it will do everything I am looking for. I will look over the guides and see what I can figure out.

I do have one follow up question, what is the difference between “CoRE” and the iPhone app “SmartRules”?

Thanks again for the help! :slight_smile:

My setup is a bit complicated. I have managed to get CoRE to be able to determine the difference between someone arriving and everyone is home.

Then I have something like this that executes per routine…

Then that piston “Scheduler - 1st Floor Lights” runs and depending on the time it does different things.

and the piston “Schedule - Shades” sets the shades to the level they should be for the time of day…

I don’t use SmartRules (but I have). Maybe @JDRoberts can fill you in. I’ll say that I believe CoRE is much more configurable, but SmartRules is much easier to use. I could be wrong but it’s never happened before. :grin:

CoRE is free, SmartRules is $9.99.
CoRE is a SmartApp that runs within the SmartThings mobile app.
SmartRules is it’s own mobile app that interacts with SmartThings.

Thank you for the extra information! This expands ST so much for me, I was starting to feel a little confined with what ST could do since I have ideas of what I want it to do and it just couldn’t do by default. Now with this I will be able to create everything I wanted, I just have to think about logistics and how I want everything to work. Really I want a talking house, :slight_smile: I have 3 Amazon Echos setup and I want them to have trigger phrases that it will speak to me, like “welcome home” and “good night” which will all be doable through CoRE with the If This & this groupings.

Thank you again!

When it comes to CoRE my advice would be to just start configuring stuff. Figure out what you are doing and you might decide to start over once you have the Core ah ha moment.

I also would like to add to use caution when using presence to unlock doors or disarm any of your security. Sometimes (and it happens) that the presence sensors would go nuts and show you coming and going or vise versa, not good when you’re not home or it happens in the middle of the night. Maybe add a second level of verification.

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Good point. I haven’t had any of those issues so far but I do plan on adding a few more checks like “has not been present for X mjnutes”.