Question about Eero router and Matter/Thread support

Been meaning to ask this question, but just haven’t gotten around to it until now; I switched my router a few months back to an Eero (Eero Pro 6E to be exact) and noticed that it shows up in SmartThings. However, it is showing up in ST as an “music player.” Anyone else using an Erro? Should I switch the drivers? What can I do and not do with the Eero connected to ST?

I know that the Eero now support Thread and am assuming that’s why it shows up? However, if it’s going to be there, I’d at least like to be able to control it.

As I am typing this however, I am wondering if this is actually my Amazon Echo 4th generation showing up as I know that can now act as a Matter controller.

So is there a what to actually see which device this is? And is there anything I can actually do with it?


This can’t be the reason for you to see the Eero in ST. I also have an Eero router and Smartthings V3 hub and both have their Thread 1.3 radios each on their own channel, ready to act as alternative border router when I buy a Thread device.
Never tried ‘pairing’ the Eero in ST so don’t understand why you see it there, although I would think it’s without consequence.
Quite possibly the Echo.

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@Johnnybegoode is correct, This has nothing to do with Matter - what that is actually trying to show you probably depends on what capabilities your particular eero has. I’d bet this is network discovery saying it thinks it found a DLNA capable media player at that address and it happens to be called Eero.

That said - with routers, switches - it’s usually just an on / off so you’re not missing much even if you had ‘full control’ of it from ST.

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@Johnnybegoode @nathancu thanks for the follow up, I appreciate it. Couple other questions, thoughts; there have been no other media player added to the network, since the Eero router was added … the media players on the network have been the same before the Eero and are still the same. The only change is that the Amazon Echo now acts as a Matter controller.

Is there anyway for me to see the actual list of devices on my ST network? Not what’s showing up in the hub as that doesn’t necessarily tell you what devices are connected, but is there a way to drill down and find out what this device is?


Use the API Browser+


Thanks for the link.

The API Browser+ is confirming that it is indeed the Eero that is connected.