Question about dimming via Z-Wave association

I want to install a dimmer switch to control a light that can’t be on any circuit that the switch could be on (just based on how/where the wiring is). For the dimmer I think that I could install either a 3-way remote slave that has a radio (I think the Linear 3-way remote works this way, for example) or put in a normal Z-Wave dimmer (with nothing on the loop it’s wired to), and use either logic on the hub or direct association to a connected bulb (or pocket socket).

As far as I understand everything, I believe that any of these configurations would work. What I don’t know is how well the dimming operation would work (the responsiveness of the light to changing the light level from the switch, not how well the light would dim). Does anyone have experience with this sort of setup, and how well does it work?