Question about device repeater

Not sure if this is the right place or not but have a question about a device that is also a repeater. I have a aeotech gen 5 siren, iris 2nd gen smart plug & my kitchen switches are ge zwave plus & a halo light in the hallway. When i click on my devices in the ide, I see some devices may connect to them & then my hub. Does that mean they are acting as a repeater? I’m just asking because I wasnt sure of these devices had to be setup to repeat also. Thanks.

Nearly all line powered Zigbee and Zwave devices repeat for their protocols for the network they are joined to without being told to do so… This is intended and - in fact, preferred. More line powered devices make your mesh stronger.

If you’ve ever seen someone in the community say - you need a stronger mesh’ this is what they mean.