ZWave/Zigbee repeaters

To be clear, I’m aware most devices are repeaters in themselves. They create a kind of mesh network.

I want to have a smart garage, but my garage is not attached. My house is on the street, and the garage in the alley. As much as each device is a repeater, I can’t imagine it being as strong as a dedicated repeater.

If it were all one building, I’d just add more devices (because you always will). Problem is, I can’t really fill that gap. I don’t have an exact distance of the garage from the house but it’s a very small city yard.

There’s a how to article in the community – created wiki on automating an out building which should answer most of your questions. :sunglasses:

If you’re asking if there is a separate device you can get that just does repeating, the answer is that these exist but they were really only needed for the first couple generations of zwave. For the last three years pretty much any mains powered device is already operating at the maximum transmission power allowed for the protocol.

There is an option with zigbee, and that is detailed in the wiki article I linked to in the previous post. :sunglasses:

Ok. I’m new to zigbee/zwave. Good to know.

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