Query reference Smartthings ability to control hue bulbs joined to Echo plus


Sorry I spent much time trying to find this information but couldn’t so will start this topic.

Currently I have Samsung Smartthings V2 and I control my hue bulbs which i’ve discovered via the Philips Hue Bridge V2.

I have bought the Amazon Echo Plus, I know already it’s a poor smart hub so I will retain my smartthings hub.
However my question is; Can Echo plus replace the need for my Hue Bridge? Can I control my hue bulbs via samsung smartthings with only the echo plus and without the hue bridge?

Please help before I unpackage my Echo Plus… If this doesn’t work as a replacement of at least the hue bridge then i’ll probably just return it!

Just to clarify I know that Echo Plus can control hue bulbs but that isn’t my question I must be able to control those bulbs via my smartthings routines also like I can currently while using the Hue Bridge.

Unfortunately, no. At the present time, the echo plus does not accept device control commands from other systems.

The only option would be to set up another speaker device next to the echo and literally have it speak the command that you want. There are a few people who have done that with the original echo, a cheap android device, and a smart app like LANnouncer, but it’s obviously a hack.