Qubino and Smartthings

The temperature should be reported work, if you have the probe. I have a few of these modules working as thermostats on some electric radiators. I also have a dimmer and a few shutter ones as well. They’ve been great and reliable to code against (no hacks or hoops to jump thru to get them to work).

You should also get the energy usage reports. :thinking: I created this for my regular relay modules. So perhaps as they’re DC modules, they need some different code. If you have any logs or feedback, I can look into it and see if there’s a tweak to get the energy reports working for DC modules.

The energy doesn’t work in my case. I use the D1 version (with relay) and use it with 230V.
No idea why it’s not working. For me it’s not that important though.

Do you know if the device is reporting? If you can share your logs (at https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/ide/logs, if you’re on the UK/EU hub), I can check it out.

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Actually, i think it does not.
It supports the other features you built into the DH.

It’s this one: http://qubino.com/products/flush-1d-relay/#
If you scroll down there is a link to all the parameters.

I don’t get power readings either.

For info, there’s new Qubino handlers here…

Working well for me including power…

I’m getting power readings but I have to hit the refresh button which means it will require polling. Any thoughts on supporting native reporting?

I’m not sure as I don’t have the 1D Relay version of these (I wrote the code for the AC ones I have) but I don’t think they natively report sending that information automatically. The reason I think that is because the AC ones have config to set them up to report the info periodically, which leads me to think that if there’s no config then it’s not offered. If the devices did the device handler has the code to show it, just like it does when you hit refresh.

I know you’re replying to someone else, but I am not using the DC version.

If you’re saying the AC relay reports periodically in your code. What is the period? I wasn’t seeing any updates.

It’s part of the firmware on the qubinos, that they will send energy reports at certain periods. Which are configurable but the defaults are pretty good and I haven’t altered them in my DTH/code. Here’s the details on the reporting periods, from the qubino manuals:

Parameter no. 40 – Power reporting in Watts on power change
Set value means percentage, set value from 0 – 100 = 0% - 100%. Available configuration parameters (data type is 1 Byte DEC):
• default value 10 = 10%
• 0 - reporting disabled
• 1 - 100 = 1% - 100% reporting enabled
Power report is send (push) only when actual power in Watts in real time changes for more than set percentage comparing to previous actual power in Watts, step is 1%.
NOTE: if power changed is less than 1W, the report is not send (pushed), independent of percentage set.

Parameter no. 42 – Power reporting in Watts by time interval
Set value means time interval (0 – 32535) in seconds, when power report is send. Available configuration parameters (data type is 2 Byte DEC):
• default value 300 = 300s
• 0 - reporting disabled
• 1 - 32535 = 1second - 32535 seconds.
Reporting enabled. Power report is send with time
interval set by entered value.

If anyone is using Qubino products i’ve got a few handlers available on the link below. I plan to also update them to use the new child device mechanism as is used in Eric’s handlers (check them out, they work great).

Note: due to custom attributes used i suggest using CoRE to automate your things with these DHs.

@Kjamsek do you have a device handler for the flush thermostat module from qubino? I have a FCU unit at home and i would like to power the output to switch On/Off the thermostat based on the space temperate reading of the temperature sensor.
really appreciate it if you could point me the right direction.

Unfortunately i do not yet have an On/Off Thermostat handler @Deepak_Krishnan, but what you are trying to achieve should totally be possible with it. You’d just need to move the Thermostat’s temperature probe to the space you want to measure temperature in and then wire the output of the Thermostat to the FCU.

This would, assuming the Thermostat is in Heat mode and the current ambient temperature is under the Heating setpoint, turn the Thermostat’s output on, thereby powering the FCU.

So, in this case, just a generic handler for the On/Off Thermostat should be needed.

I might be able to whip something up in the near future (work permitting), but i really can’t make any promises as to when it’ll be done.

@kjamsk thanks for your reply. I’ll try it out today and see how it goes.
There is an existing Honeywell thermostat and I plan to power on and off
the thermostat based on space temperature. Our is a cooling only system
(middle East 30deg is winter :)) but it should work so long as temp range
is met. Thanks

I think you could also use reversed action on the Qubino On/Off Thermostat. I’d have to check the manual but i beleive you should be able to set up Cool mode on the device, which would then activate the output once the ambient temperature goes above the setpoint.

@Kjamsek the manual says to enable cool mode in parameter 43. I have no clue how to reach that far :frowning:

@Deepak_Krishnan you can use the Z-Wave tweaker handler developed by @zcapr17, which allows you to set pretty much anything on a z-wave device. It’s a great piece of SW, check it out here:

Thanks @Kjamsek.Will give it a try and let you know how it goes…



I just integrated the Amazon Echo with samsung smarthings. I’m using the DH from tommyqueak.

If I give the voice commands, it works, but after finishing the action, Alexa says, that Smarthings is not responding.
I checked the live logging and it seems, that is caused by temperature reportings.
I get "Temperature state not valid"
And of course I’m not using the temperature feature at all. Is there a way to disable the function. i.e. uncommenting in the source code of the DH?

OK I tried it: If I uncomment it will work without this error message.

// capability “Temperature Measurement”

I assume this may be caused by an not connected temperature sensor and therefore missing values.

Probably an update of the DH with the option to dissable the function for temperature reporting would be nice.

Good point, I’m not sure where I was going with adding temperature to that switch handler :confused: I think in most cases the temperature attachment wouldn’t be used.

I’ve made myself a task to remove it completely.

Thanks for the nudge :slight_smile: