Qolsys IQ Panel

Do you also use an Echo in your setup and by having Qolsys setup the way you do with ST does it eliminate having to ask Echo Alexa, as alarm.com to arm the alarm? Can you just say Alexa, arm the alarm?
I tried linking the two when I only had a few devices but now I am at almost 30 things and I don’t want to go through the trouble of un-pairing and repairing if things don’t go well.

thank you. i did what you suggested and worked like a charm. the only thing i am trying to figure out is if its possible to have my thermoset controlled by IQ panel as well. i have IQ panel as secondary and all my z wave shows up on it including thermostat. at the moment, i think ST and alarm.com are fighting to control thermostat. I wish there was a smartapp i could download that would allow me to set schedules for temperature control. for example, monday to friday, at 8:00 am temperature set to 65, monday to friday at 6pm, set temperature for 71, etc. what i like about IQ panel was that i could set temperature but when i arm my alarm as away, it turns off my thermostat to save energy. i was a way i could trigger something on ST to do the same when i leave the house so i don;t have to go to ST app to click away. there must be something i can trigger on ST that it knows i left for the day and armed my alarm… any suggestions…

You can use Routines in the SmartThings app to do exactly what you are looking for. You can set it up that when you close a certain door when leaving it triggers the away routine and you can set the thermostat to whatever you would like. Or if you have an arrival sensor you could use that too.

Not exactly the same topic of discussion, but another member of the community just wrote a smart app and device handler to arm and disarm any alarm.com panel, including the Qolysis IQ panel. It’s been working really well for me. Can automate arming and disarming my alarm.com system within my other routines.

Could you share the link to that app?

Nevermind. Found it. If any of you are interested here is the link.

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I tried these steps to add qolsys IQ panel as a secondary controller and smartthings as primary. As a test I started with only a couple of devices in smartthings and get to the point where ST Hub (v2) goes offline. I immediately unplug it. IQ planel is still busy working. Eventually I get a message on IQ panel along the lines: “Unable to load manufacturer information”. When it finishes, I see no devices in the IQ panel. Please help. IQpanel firmware is 16.2. I am not sure what I am doing wrong or if there is a step that I am missing. I have been desperately trying to get this to work.


So, after numerous attempts, I was able to set ST as primary and Qolsys panel as secondary. All of the Z-Wave devices were recognized; however, my GoControl Garage Door opener, registered and working properly in ST, is registered as the “Other Device” in Qolsys panel; thus, I’m unable to use it from the ADC app.

Has anyone seen this and have a solution? I’m running 1.6.2

PashaF and WRXFanatic,

I have a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 (the newest version). I also have Linear garage door opener I was using with SmartThings before I installed the Qolsys panel. I was struggling with the best/even workable setup to allow ADC integration and SmartThings routines. I think I figured it out the solution. I made the Qolsys the primary controller, enrolled my Linear and allowed it appear in ADC. Then I added the SmartThings hub as a secondary device to the Qolsys. I received an error on the panel that an unsecure device was added status code 515. I did a z-wave network repair on ST and then rebooted the panel. Everything seems to be working. I have control of the Linear from the panel directly, from the ADC app, and from SmartThings directly and via routines (e.g, close 45 minutes after sunset) with status updates. Prior to rebooting the panel I wasn’t getting any status updates. I’m not sure if this will work with the older Qolsys panel but just wanted to mention in case others are trying to have both alarm.com and smarthings control of a Linear garage door opener

I have my Qolsys setup as secondary; thus, cannot relate nor comment much on your issue.

What were the steps you took to set up the IQ2 panel as the primary and the ST controller as the secondary?

Thank you.

I’m not entirely sure what happened with my setup but ST dropped from my z-wave network and I lost control from ST while still having it from the panel and ADC. I just tried again though. I could not get the add hub to network from the z-wave utilities tab to work. I ended up making sure the Qolsys was set as primary from its settings (dealer settings). I added my devices to my qolsys. The I put both the Qolsys panel and the ST hub within 3 ft. I simply added a thing from the ST app while adding a device on the Qolsys hub. It added the ST hub as a device “other device 1” ID 10 and smart things added the Qolsys as zwave controller as well as all the devices previously paired with the Qolsys. I’ll see how long it stays intact this time. Good luck.

Thank you for the follow up.

Are you using the original IQ panel or the IQ2?

Thank you.

Vecto13 Have you experienced anymore issues since the last time you linked the IQ2 and the SmartThings hub?

Yes still having issues. I can’t get the two devices to stay consistently
paired with the IQ2 as the primary and the ST as the secondary controller.
It appears to work for a very short amount of time (hours?) then the IQ
panel drops my ST hub from the network.

Hi, I just began using ST and would like to link it to my IQ2 panel. Where would I start?


You would start by telling what exactly you’d like to do.

It is fairly easy to register IQ2 panel as secondary to ST hub.

Thanks for responding.
I currently have 3 separate systems operating in my home:

  • my iq2 panel alarm system
  • my ST app that currently controls lighting in a few rooms.
  • my blue iris video surveillance that monitors the exterior of my home.

I was hoping to interegrate as much of my current system, mentioned above into one interface that I could expand on in the future.

Thanks for any guidance you may be able to offer.

Ah…you’re in my world now - I just integrated them all together (well, almost)!

  • Alarm.com integration with ST is described here
  • You’ll have to use ST IDE and this repo
  • IQ2 - set it up as secondary Z-Wave controller
  • You will have to name all of the devices in IQ2 - names do not transfer, unfortunately
  • For Blue Iris integration, you’ll have to follow this thread (very carefully)
    For Alarm.com (IQ2) and BI integration, perhaps you can use triggers (IFTTT)? Let’s say if the alarm goes off and you get SMS, IFTTT can record certain cameras? This is the part that I haven’t figured out yet.

Thanks! I’ll jump into it this evening.