QMotion Shades now support Zigbee 1.2

I’ve been following QMotion for a while, (I like the looks of the product) and they now support ZigBee 1.2. Does that mean they can now be controlled by SmartThings?

CEPro Article

QMotion Product Page

Maybe, it depends on the exact architecture and I couldn’t tell from the first glance at their website. It doesn’t have all the details.

The fact that it uses the zigbee home automation profile (ZHA 1.2) is good, because that’s the same one smartthings uses.

The reason the question is still open is because a zigbee device can only belong to one Coordinator. In a smartthings installation, the coordinator is the smartthings hub.

The only thing I can tell from the qmotion website is that their remote uses ZHA 1.2 to talk to the shades.

What I can’t tell is whether the remote is the coordinator or whether there’s a Coordinator built into the motor mechanism or whether there is a third piece with the Coordinator.

If there’s a coordinator separate from the motor mechanism that smart things could substitute for, then there’s a good chance of integration.

But if the remote is just talking to a coordinator that’s included with the motor mechanism Then integration may not be possible.

So we would need to get more communication structure details.


I spoke with one of their support personnel… They said that SmartThings is not on their list right now. Whether or not it can be possible with a custom device type, depends on what JD already mentioned.
QMotion shades are expensive and I think they want to target the higher end market, which comes with Savant, Control4 etc.


Thanks for digging a little deeper.

Hello Joel did you get any further with this question?

I’m looking at buying shades and this topic is a big factor for my consideration.

If anyone has more info please let me know.

Looking at these shades as well…Anyone confirm that it can be integrated with ST?

Here’s their Qube hub:


According to Qmotion, they have tried to connect Smartthings with their shades and Smartthings can pick up the shades, but doesn’t know what type of device it is. It seems as though all it would need is a Device Handler…I’m not great at programming these, but maybe someone on here has these shades and has done with?

Their “Qube” allows control via their apps and for scheduling…which I think should work just fine for the most part…but having that extra link to Smartthings would be very good…haven’t purchased these yet and not sure if I will until I can figure out if this is a possibility…

I know this is an older thread but yes you can integrate QMotion ZigBee motors into SmartThings. It does discover the motor as a “Thing”. You just need to change the DTH to ZigBee Dimmer and you will have full control over your shade. Just follow the steps from the Control4 setup (http://qmotionshades.com/support-center/tabs/videos/34-control4)

Suggest on adding QMotion’s ZigBee remote to your own network for easier limit adjusting otherwise you are adjusting the limits via the tug method. Again, follow the Control4 setup on adding their remote to your network. SmartThings does discover the remote as a “Thing” but just change it to ZigBee Button.

You now have a bi-directional motorized shade. You can even toy around with a custom DTH to change the picture to a shade and also add battery feedback. Not to difficult :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I know this is an old thread but I am on the market for something like this. I have investigated things like Axis, Soma, etc. and ruled them all out for various reasons.

Does anyone have any comments on how well these blinds work and how reliable an integration into Smartthings is using the Zigbee Dimmer DTH.



Hi it’s an old topic but I am interested in qmotion shades, did you manage to use them with ST correctly?

I was able to pair the QMotion ZigBee remote and QMotion ZigBee motors to the SmartThings hub. I was able to adjust limits via the remote. I had control via the remote and the SmartThings hub. The items will be discovered as a “Thing”. You just need to change the DTH.

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