Pulse switch for Automated GATE

Hi, I’ve read a few posts here about controlling electric gates. This seems to be an area lagging behind the drive for automation in the home.

I have moved to a property that had auto gates which we are now replacing with a new automation system. From what I see, all the circuit board on the gates looks for is a pulse closing two contacts temporarily. Basically needing a switch to close for a second then open again.

The pulse tells the gates to start their open cycle, meaning they will open slowly to a pre programmed speed and distance. They will then wait for the pre-determined time, then run the closed cycle.

The question here is, is there a wireless device that when told to do so, closes a switch (that can pass 24v) then be told to open again (without having to do it manually).

bleBox (available in Europe) makes such a switch (gateBox) with a SmartThings integration.

Just had a quick look and its looks like the right kind of thing I’m looking for. 24v and pulse signal.

Have you have hands on experience with this module? can it work with SmartThings?

I wrote the driver and tested on an actual device in a test harness. Disclosure: bleBox provided the device; however, all labor was provided free. I am not currently using this device.

I believe there may be other us-based solutions with drivers. So maybe more will reply. Search this forum for gate controller.


Look at the below guy for a US available solution. You will need to check output voltage.


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