Publishing Device Handlers for other Companies Devices?


I am wanting to create device handlers for some devices I’m looking to use and connect to SmartThings. However the devices are not created and built by myself. I am developing my own DTH’s so that I can change the config for the devices at my leisure and not be bound by the existing DTH’s for the product. These devices are Aeotec Aeon HEM Gen5 and a NorthQ Gas Monitor, both Z-Wave compliant devices.

I would then like to publish my handlers so that they can selected when the devices are paired with ST. I want to publish so that my company can integrate these into a research platform through ST and configure them as we require, yet ideally I would prefer not to have to create individual accounts and copy testing DTH code to the accounts to support our required config.

Does anyone know if this is allowed?

The t&c’s don’t mention anything however the publishing documentation infers you have to have built the device yourself.


You cannot publish custom groovy handlers for other users, it has to be installed from the IDE for the account you wish to use the device on. However, if your custom DTH is installed in the IDE, it should be automatically selected upon pairing if you use ‘scan nearby’ to pair the device.

Hi, there! @mvevitsis is right, the DTHs published in SmartThings were submitted by the manufacturers and went through the Certification Process.
Custom DTHs cannot be included, so each account needs to install the DTH.
An alternative could be sharing it through a GitHub repository and configure this integration in IDE, so the users can download the changes directly.

Thank you both, I think the approach suggested is what I had thought myself and will implement. Much obliged for the time you’ve taken to assist.

Anytime! Just remember to mark the post that answered your question as the solution so others can benefit from this thread. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: