Publish only specified devices to Amazon Echo

I would like the ability to “hide” specific devices or specify which devices are accessible. This is to group components of a physical thing like a lamp with 3 Hue bulbs shows up as 3 devices in ST and I group them with a virtual switch to control them all at once. I only want Alexa to see that device and not be bulbs individually.

We already have this. For example, many of us do not join our Phillips bulbs through SmartThings, but rather use the native Phillips/echo integration instead.

In the official Amazon Echo smartapp, which is automatically added to your account when you add Alexa, do not turn on the " authorize all devices" button (the one marked with an arrow in the following screenshot).

Instead, just individually select the devices that you want to authorize :sunglasses:


ah HA! great, THANKS!

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Didn’t know this. Thanks!!!

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