Professional Lighting control

Hi, for profesional lighting control, which protocol you think may success? Amazon, Google, Apple for sure will lead the market. But only Amazon can use a system as Zigbee, the only tha provide electronic devices to implement market luminaires. Simple bulbs or connected plugs are not enough to implement a professional lighting project. Bluetooth protocol as Casambi is potential brand to apply with all kind of luminaires, but at this moment is impossible to fit with any of the “big 3” smart home systems.
Any opinion or idea?

It depends on what you mean by “professional.” If you mean large scale systems of 500 units or more such as would be used in an office building or a hospital or an airport, these already exist. Many of them do use Zigbee, some use a proprietary protocol. Leviton, Control4, Phillips, Osram, and Lutron among others all have divisions dedicated to commercial lighting systems of this size or even larger. (That has nothing to do with companies like Amazon or Google.)

However, this forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform, and it is only intended for single-family homes, not commercial implementations. They don’t even have a commercial division and they do not promise any given level of reliability. So the whole concept, while interesting, is sort of off topic for this particular forum.

Last year someone in this forum asked about possible systems for a small six story hotel. The discussions in that thread went over some of the currently available commercial systems, and why they would all be more suitable than smartthings. You might find that discussion of interest as it also includes links to a number of different commercial systems. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

So if you are are asking for a practical reason, the short answer is that commercial buildings had smart lighting long before it was very popular for individual homes and there are many companies providing those systems. Different ones use different protocols.

If you are wondering how smartthings might fit into such a project, it doesn’t. It just doesn’t have the reliability or the scalability to match those projects.

If you’re just curious about where commercial lighting might go in the future, I think the first step is to look at the existing offerings. :sunglasses:



SmartThings finally added “Light Groups” to New App, but turning on or dimming 6 Hue bulbs takes ~3 seconds, as they are done sequentially, not simultaneously :confounded:. Absolutely horrid. Definitely unprofessional.

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