Problem with my log in - out of sync on PC and Android

I seem to have a problem… I was going to install code needed to integrate my new garage door opener with ST, and when I tried logging on to my account on my PC, I ended up resetting my password. I then was automatically logged out on my Android mobile app and successfully logged back in using the new password.

I then followed the directions to copy and paste code for the MyQ smartapp and device handler. Those items were successfully published to me and show up in my account on the pc. However, the smart app is not listed under “My Apps” when I try to install it on the mobile app. And, I see that on my PC, there is no hub or devices listed as linked with my account.

Please any suggestions of what to do?!

You logged into the wrong shard.


Holy crap, you are my hero!!! Thanks. That is truly bizarre. Thank goodness you could help. Thanks!