Privacy policy / Legal Information agreement fails (Network error)

Same here - not working on existing implementations on both iPad and iPhone, based in the UK

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Same here :frowning_face:

Same same - App is broken and showing the legal information screen. clicking agree results in an error.
Based in Israel.

Can you please confirm which version of the App are you using? Is it the Android or the iPhone one?

Same here (Netherlands), using iPhone and iPad (IOS14)

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iPad = 1.6.55
iPhone = 1.6.55

I have had to take this info from the App Store

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@SamsungUK, you should have a look on this issue as soon as possible! It seems like the new iPhone app is derailed a bit by this new legal agreement. Fortunately the Android app hasn’t been released yet…

Using Iphone and Ipad. Latest updated from App Store. I think 1.6.55

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It’s OK for me now, 1.6.55 on iPhone - uk hub

works again here also, that’s fast

Issue resolved here as well

I guess they disabled the notice, just a back end switch. Waiting for an app update would take too long :wink:

As there are new privacy policy out today, the app requires you to approve this. When accepting/pressing done, my app only runs into “Network error”, and I am not able to proceed. This happened last time Samsung had an update to these policies too. And the app is now unusable until I get past this point (restarting the app just works for 3 seconds, before ending in the same picture where I have to accept the new policies. And I then get the network error again).

Anyone else with this issue? Any idea how to get past this?

It is being reported on the SmartApp Legal Information thread and on Facebook. UK and EU users have been reporting it. I am a UK user but don’t see it (my account is on the NA01 shard so that might make a difference).

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m also getting this, UK based on EU01 West shard if it matters!

Same error here, upgraded app version (IOS).

For a while I could enter the app but all automations were gone and some devices had different names.

Edit: EU user

Hi all
Been a ST user for almost a year now. Went to open ST this morning and get this error. App is unusable. Rebooted phone and hub but no joy. Any ideas?

Getting this error in the iPhone app…
I was adding a new device when it suddenly popped up. Backed out of the app, but problem persisted. So, I uninstalled/reinstalled app… now, I can’t get passed it to login. I am in the US, east coast. Any ideas, @Brad_ST?