Preventing lights from turning on when leaving?

I have a door open/close sensor that turns my lights on when i open the door between sunset and sunrise. I want to prevent the lights from turning on when I leave my house. Is this possible?

Is you use your phone as a presence sensor.

Are you using SmartLighting? If so, you can control the “Mode” of your home based on your presence.

It’s going to be tricky because of sequencing. If you want the door to not turn on the light as you were leaving to go out, you won’t have triggered the “away” indication yet. That typically happens when you are about two minutes out from your house.

What you could do is have the lights turn off when the Mode changes to away. That way they would still turn on when you open the door to go out, but a minute or two later when the mode switches because you’ve left the house they would turn off again. That would be easy. Anything else is going to be more complicated. :sunglasses:

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I think thats the best route

Do you have a motion sensor on either side of the door? I use this to only turn on the light when walking out to the garage with webCoRE.

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