Presence sensors: Just stopped working [Platform issue now fixed!]

@deano12 :smile: Probably I will post later to confirm.

Edit: Nope!

I’ve got the same issue, I’ve got two ST presence sensors (both showing battery life and can beep) and my iPhone. iPhone seems to work fairly well (not perfect) but ST branded sensors are always present…not ideal.

Just to add that I had a door sensor suddenly stop working last night (circa 7.33PM) and in trying to re-pair it I get the same symptoms i.e. it’ll pair but no events come through and I cannot see for example the remaining battery percentage. The last battery % reported was 88% so assuming it’s not the battery however I’ll try again this evening once I’m home, but hopefully this issue isn’t spreading…

All my battery powered sensors report 88% at the moment. I think it’s false

Thats interesting I noticed all mine are as well. I just assumed that was becasue I installed them all at the same time pretty much.

My Presence sensors are also challanged that said, I’m finding the iPhone integration much better from a reporting point of view.

And slightly off topic but my Yale Keyless lock reports 10% battery. Given the batteries are brand new I’m going to assuming thats just a formatting issue with the device actually at 100%. Time will tell I guess when it goes down to 99% :smile:

10% is a low battery alert, which can be serious for a lock. I would try new batteries in it and see if the value changes.

Normally you’ll never see 100% value for a battery level. Usually the first one you see is 88%. That’s because battery life is typically reported in tiers.

So glad I found this thread, I thought I was going mad.

Purchased a Smartthings Starter Kit yesterday and an additional Presence Sensor.

It just doesn’t work.

I can’t believe these are still for sale over a month after they’ve realised it doesn’t work!

Just read that there was aa firmware update an roughly the time my presence sensor went down, and other people are complaining about their presence sensors failing… SmartThings (@Aaron ? ), when do you anticipate a fix? I’ve been waiting for an acknowledgment from support for 6 days now.

Here is part of a conversation between me and support if it helps:

"Aha! So it was the ST sensor, not the mobile phones. We’ve gotten reports of some of the presence sensors acting up because of a minor issue with how the battery is held in place. When you get a chance, take look at the sensors and see if any of them seem to have loose batteries. The battery should stay firmly in place, so it should be easy to tell if there’s a problem with it.

If any of them seem to have an obvious issue, let me know and we can look at getting you a warranty replacement, if applicable."

I very much doubt that - Checking mine, if it was anymore firmly in place it would be a non removable battery!

It all happened since a FW update on the hubs about 2 months ago for me now.

The loose battery issue might apply to the sensors that are " teleporting," reporting away/home/away/home/away/home many times in a few minutes, as the device could be losing contact with the Hub.

It cannot possibly have anything to do with a situation where the device is always being reported as “present” when it is in fact miles away. The physical characteristics of the device, broken or not, are irrelevant to that one as it’s out of range anyway. There’s no " exit event" that might be missed: “away” is calculated based on repeated failures to check in. So a broken device might be erroneously viewed as always absent, but always present is an account level failure.

Just one of those situations where there are multiple different problems going on, unfortunately, with different people affected by different ones. :disappointed_relieved:

Hopefully a new device will fix the ones you’ve been seeing.

Jim, I have a Yale Keyfree Connected lock and my SmartThings is reporting at 90% Battery. Regardless of SmartThings, the locks have a low battery warning built in themselves, so if you hear this tell you the battery is low, it’s when you should really act


I bought the starter kit a month ago and the presence sensor would only ever say present. After support went quiet responding after 3 weeks I took it back and exchanged it. Got the same problem with the replacement starter kit right out of the box.

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+1 on the presence sensors not working.
Give that this is one of the major selling points of the system and a primary use case, it does come as a surprise this seems so prevalent.

Am sure there has been a lot of wasted time on this issue given the number of people reporting it and who would have gone through all of the troubleshooting steps to little avail.

Mine too. I was going to use the presence sensor on the spare keys my brother has but it is constantly ‘present’ and so I’m reverting to him downloading the app as a mobile presence. Having chosen a home automation product very carefully (so I thought), I’m not impressed yet…

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Another +1 on the presence sensors.

I have the same it constantly says present, repaired, now on a replacement hub and same thing happening. To be fair haven’t raised with support yet. I use the iPhone and android presence feature and that is great but really wanted to track keys, etc.

Everyone - Please raise Tickets with support. I know I’m just a user, but the more people that officially report this the more attention they put on it.


Had it up to the back teeth with these stupid sensors. Just a bit of diagnostic info if there’s literally ANYONE from support reading this:

Both sensors are now dead and reporting as present. HOWEVER, both can be ‘Beeped’. Also, here’s the odd thing… you can’t view the list of ‘Recently’ within the app, it just returns blank whereas it used to tell you when each fob left/arrived.

Going in to the IDE and clicking on ‘List Events’ for the device gives this:

“Access Denied
We’re sorry, but you are not authorized to perform the requested operation.”

Works fine for every other device.

This product really, really sucks. None of my timed routines worked today. The routines just didn’t fire. Running them manually works fine. Gradually replacing the functionality with hand written stuff, at which point I’ll probably put it in a burning, dog crap enhanced paper bag on the doorstep of Samsung UK.

I rang Samsung last week to return my starter kit. They were quite receptive and understanding at my immense frustrations but as I’ve had the product for more than 30 days, I was told they’d need to ‘escalate it’ to get it returned! I did explain that I may have had it for more than 30 days, but it hasn’t worked for that long!!!
I loved the product when I got it, but updates killing the entire platform like this shows how brittle having a cloud based platform is.

I would agree with the above though - everyone hammer tickets at support and push for updates ; else this will seemingly never get fixed!!!

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+1 on a brand new, part of the UK starter kit, always present Presence Sensor.