Presence sensor smartapp that looks at state?

I need an app which will notify me if , after a certain time, my presence sensor is still present.

I can only find apps which will do things at the point it ARRIVEs after a certain time, which won’t work for me as the presence sensor will already been present. I need an app that v looks at its state.

Can anyone help?

It depends on what you need the established presence for…
Do you want to run something only if someone is present?

I have an app which I’m developing for all things presence.

Have a look here…

Maybe I can add something if this doesn’t work for you in its current state

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ok so essentially

I have a presence sensor attached to my work pass.I want a smart app that operates like this:


  • The sensor is at home
  • The day is Monday- Thursday
  • The time is after 8.30am


  • Send me a text or push notification saying 'you forgot your workpass!'
  • Sound a notification on Sonos saying ‘you forgot your workpass’

This shouldn’t be too difficult
Except… ‘The time is after 8.30am’

We need to set a trigger for the app to run… (Normally the trigger is arrival/departure)

So we could do… The time is 8.31am (or any time)
And check for the presence then.

I’m working on a different update at the moment but will try and get to this to see if I can work something out for you

I have included a new input to Presence Central…

‘Check for Presence At A Certain time’

You can configure a time to check, which presence sensor to check for.
Then you can configure an action… send a sms/push… speak a message…
You can use all the outputs that are already there…

I’ll upload to GitHub now…

Hi Cobra,

Thanks. I’m a UK user. I’ve just managed to integrate smartthings and github (i thinK!) for the first time.

How do i get your smarttapp up and running - sorry for the newbyish question, but i’ve never done this before.

I’m in the UK too :slight_smile:

Have a look at this info here… this should help…

Once you have got your head around this then there are two ‘smartapps’ to install

The ‘Parent’ and the ‘Child’

Let me know if you get stuck