Presence key fob 2021 (EU)

I don’t know if i am in the right place but here we go.

I am looking for a smartthings presence key fob(alternative presence key fobs are okey too) but i can’t find anything right except all the threads about using my phone as a presence sensor, what i don’t want to do.

Maybe a nice to know is i am living in europe.

SmartThings has dropped these, and Aeotec is not planning to pick them up, so I don’t know of any at the moment. :thinking:

My guess (just a guess) is that they don’t fit the the new architecture since they never did process locally.

VERY longterm, like 2 years from now, Tile may be an option since Life360 just bought them. But no promises.

Meanwhile, if you have an iOS phone, ibeacons can work well. We use these at our house. There was a thread in 2020 about using these in the UK which is still current. But it won’t work with Android phones. :disappointed_relieved:

Another option which doesn’t require an iOS device is one of the GPS trackers that works with IFTTT.

INVOXIA has one that is available in many countries. It costs around €150 with a 3 year subscription included. It’s quite large, though (presumably to get better battery life).

Invoxia GPS Tracker works better with IFTTT

Anyway, that or any other GPS tracker that works with IFTTT might be a candidate. Those devices do generally cost a lot more than IBeacons, though. And then you’re dependent on IFTTT for the integration. So not a great candidate, but it is a possibility.

@JDRoberts thank you for your response.

And do you think that samsung smarttag could work as a presence sensor ?

The original Samsung Tracker has been discontinued by some carriers, so I would consider it an end of life device. :disappointed_relieved:

The Samsung galaxy smart tag plus is a new device but it only works with certain models of galaxy phones, not even all android phones. and I don’t know if the service is available in Europe. And I don’t know if it works as a presence indicator or not. Hopefully someone who knows more will comment.

The Samsung galaxy smart tag (without the “plus” in its name) is complicated, as @orangebucket notes below. Now I’m confused as to whether it’s actually being replaced by the plus model or whether both will continue to be sold. I don’t know, so I’ll leave it to others to discuss the details on that one.

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Hmm okey thank you for your information and help

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I believe that was called the ‘Tracker’. It was an LTE device.

Huh? They are freely available. Currently half-price at Samsung UK. Full price is £29 but often the four pack of black ones is available for £49.

My tags are all the Galaxy SmartTag, the BLE based device (I actually destroyed several arrival sensors as they just stopped wanting to pair). At the moment they aren’t usable as presence sensors (unless you contrive something yourself with BLE/beacons). I haven’t given up hope though as they expose lots if capabilities, though currently not populated.


Ok, I think I was just wrong on that model, although as noted you still can’t use it as a Presence Sensor. I have corrected my post above. Thanks for the information!

To be fair, I am pretty sure I read something suggesting discontinuation of the basic model too, and indeed I was surprised when I could buy them a little while back. In the UK there was also a story that the plus model had been discontinued not long after it first came out. That originated with Support (not sure if ST or Samsung).

It certainly looks like both models are out there.

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Hey there! @yotiko, I’d be glad to provide some additional insight to help you with your decision.

As well as some future references for the models that are Discontinued that @JDRoberts mentioned.

Let’s first address where you can locate additional information about the models and colors available for your region.

The main difference is Galaxy Smart Tag+ was released shortly after the Galaxy Smart Tag and includes UWB (Ultrawide Band) technology and works with the listed devices.

Noted Requirements:
[1] Availability and timing may vary by market.
[2] Versus Galaxy SmartTag with only BLE technology.
[3] Within AR Finder feature of the SmartThings Find service, provided in the SmartThings app.
[4] Bluetooth range is up to 120m without obstruction. Requires initial setup on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone running Android 8.0 or higher & RAM of 2.0GB or above and opt-in for location tracking through the SmartThings Find service of the SmartThings app.
[5] Available on Galaxy devices with UWB technology, including the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold2.
[6] Must be within Bluetooth range of Galaxy phone.

You can compare the two models below.

  1. Here is a link to the UK Galaxy Smart Tag+ Model code EI-T7300BBEGEU: Buy Black Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ (BLE) | Samsung UK

  2. Here is a link to the UK Galaxy Smart Tag Model Code EI-T5300BBEGEU: Buy Samsung Galaxy SmartTag (BLE) | Samsung UK

  3. The Galaxy Smart Tag will not act as a presence sensor that you can use in Automation Routines in the ST App.

  4. I’ve included an image of the Galaxy Smart Tag capabilities exposed, such as showing connected and its location on the map, locating your phone using the Smart Tag, Using buttons for Routines(Pressed and Held), Volume and Ringtone controls, Category of device use case, and Battery level.

The Discontinued models to my knowledge are only the ones listed below:

  1. The Arrival Sensor Model code: F-ARR-US-2

  2. The Smart Things Tracker Model code: SMV110VZWVB

I hope this message finds you all well!



@SamsungZell thank you for the clear response.

Is there anything that could act as a presence sensor ? Without using the smartphone?
Because using geolocation inst what i like Because of the presence radius of 150m minimum.

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