Presence in several locations not working 100%

Hey all!

I’ve currently got 2 locations with hubs… Office and Home.

At home, being that I live in a 6th floor, I’ve setup a system using IFTTT and Wifi to determine the presence of people… I will change WiFi with Bluetooth eventually, but it works for now…

My problems start at the office… Where I’ve simply setup the in app feature of presence location…

It works… At times!

Whenever my phone is in the ‘home’ location within the ST app, it will NOT log on to the ‘work’ location… But the minute (instant rather!) I change locations manually, bang… It logs on…

I’d love to use the WiFi/IFTTT approach… But I can only use one SmartThings location per IFTTT account… Right?

What can I do/try?

Android or Iphone?

Android, Galaxy Tab S 8.4 to be precise… on Marshmallow…

I was reading your post again. I didn’t read it right the 1st time.

Are you saying it doesn’t register your presence as at the office location? Because your using the Geo fence option native to smarthings?

The geo fence can be flaky and there are many threads about how to help improve it’s reliability.

You could try life360 app, a presence FOB or possibly a tasker setup using sharptools.

Or simply using tasker, detect work WiFi presence or connection and set a virtual device to on based on that using sharptools interface to smarthings.

Does that help? Possibly give you ideas? Or did I totally miss the original question?