Presence Detection / Host Monitor with FritzBox's TR069 API

Hi, i found out that it should be possible to ask your fritzbox for online / offline hosts via mac adress and the TR069 API ?!
im not a coder, but im trying to play around with this API.

any ideas ?


I‘m looking into this as well. I don‘t like the idea of having all family members need the ST app for presence and the presence sensor on the key chain is not an option. So, I also thought of using the connection to the FritzBox as an alternative.
I actually started a SmartApp using TR069. Since I had other priorities I didn‘t get too far. But, I was getting some response back from the FritzBox, so I am sure it is possible. I will have another look at this option after I finish my eCozy Thermostat/TRV Device handler.

Hi, I realize this is an old thread but now that I’ve been forced to migrate to the (horrible) new Samsung SmartThings app I have lost presence detection that I was using on my kids’ phones. I also have a FritzBox so I was looking at ways to query the wifi connected devices so I can use this method to detect presence. Has anyone figured this out yet?
The basic functionality that I am hoping for is arrival & departure push notifications and general “who’s at home” visibility.

Hi !

also for me the “new” Smartthings App makes the the whole system unuseable and useless.