App that solely advertises presense, without access to ST settings?

Hi All,

Ive been googling and searching for a few weeks now.

I want ST to react to friends/family arriving without giving them a £30 keyfob or access to ST settings. (Could wait for Samsung to put a rolel based kiosk mode, so different users log in have different rights in their app, but Id rather they fixed its random crashses first.)

Aditionally I dont want to use the Life360 app, as no need to know where we all are, and its a little creepy.

I was thinking when the app detects a specific wifi ssid has been connected to, it could reach out to the ST hub and give it a hello. At the most it could have a “doorbell” button built in. Doesnt have to be too difficult. Or am I over simplifying things?

Is anyone else working on such a project or could point me in the right direction? Never done any coding before so likely to be a challenge :slight_smile:

Yes. I am developing this exact solution for android. Stay tuned.


I wish someone would make one for IOS. I am using Life360 for my parents so the house activates when they get here and Im not home but it is hit or miss.

SharpTools (Android)? @joshua_lyon

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You can definitely report your presence with SharpTools + Tasker on Android based on WiFi connectivity (or other attributes):

You could also setup widgets for manually triggering arrived() and departed() if you prefer that approach.

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How is your solution evolve?