Practical uses of ST multi sensor

Because it has an accelerometer, it is commonly used for situations where you want to know if the sensor itself has moved or even just been shaken. People use them as a tilt sensor, as a tamper sensor on a locked cabinet, as a vibration sensor to tell when the washer is done, as a knock sensor on a door (although that one can be iffy, it depends on the material of the door), and one of my favorite applications, inside a cube so that you can tell which of the six cube faces is on top. That lets you create a remote control with six positions. That one is popular for color lighting scenes. :sunglasses:


I haven’t heard complaints of it not being useful just as a plain open/close contact sensor, rather just that it tends to be more expensive than a simple reed sensor so people are more likely to use it for the accelerometer features and buy a less expensive open/close sensor for those uses.

But if you have an extra one, it should definitely be fine for notifying you if a door or window is open, it’s no more sensitive than any other open/close sensor. The sensitivity issues, again, come when you’re trying to detect the sensor being shaken since it’s not adjustable. Some people have tried to use it as a glass break detector, and that’s when the “too sensitive” comments usually appear since just wind rattling the windows will set it off. But as far as the two pieces being together or apart, that should work fine.

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