Power outage trigger for actions?

I want to be able to use a power outage as a way to trigger actions, like below as an example;

IF (power outage detected) THEN (switch on living room light)

My hub and lights i want to control are on UPS backup, i’m not bothered about recieving any notifications while out of home and as a person who doesn’t want to spend hours creating new devices from scratch. I don’t particularly want to spend extra money on buying specific devices, i’m just wondering if there is a local way to, for example, ping a device every few seconds that is not plugged into the UPS and if it doesn’t recieve a response then trigger the power cut automation.

These are some local devices i have to work with, hopefully something here could be used to do this;

ST Hub with Ikea/Belkin plugs
Phillips hue lights

i’ve also got webCoRE installed but haven’t ever really used it. i’ve only gone as technical as using the IDE to paste code found elsewhere. If there is something that can create a power outage as a trigger for me to do things with out there it would be much appreciated.