Power Consumption/Monitor

What I am wondering is What Plug in Outlets or wired Zwave outlets/receptacles will also MONITOR Power USAGE & COST just like that old Kill a Watt device does. What Plug in or replacement outlets that you can also enter in the $$$ per kilowatt & see the cost per hour, day, week, annual which are averages until it’s been plugged in for awhile. Of course you still may controls on/off rules in etc… Zwave & hopefully thru SmartThings Hub also.
Hopefully this could be controlled by SmartThings but to see the energy costs/consumptions that you’d likely need to view & enter in the original device’s application.
Please tell me which devices have the energy costs monitor built into them & their respective cell phone application the only 1 found is sold out most places and seems to be a very Old version
DSC06106-ZWUS by aeon labs & the new share plug does not state it does this any longer
This I my 1st time Ever asking a Question or posting. So hopefully I am doing this correctly so I can actually receive some Answers.
PS any plug in or complete Replacement receptacle that has USB ports for charging is a Bonus

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If you are looking for Z-wave, here’s a couple that works with SmartThings

Check this thread for power monitoring

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I cannot find where you add / link these 2 in SmartThings.? Under things or smart apps
Have you used these yourself & do each have their own App where you can setup the energy Cost & Monitor (I don’t care for that Plot watch) as its Additional costs and more than what’s needed.
Greatly appreciate your expertise JimExodus

I haven’t personally used these specific devices but I use the older DSC06106-ZWUS by Aeon Labs and I have several Zigbee modules from both SmartThings and the Lowes Iris pocket outlets.

Some devices that are directly supported by SmartThings will be listed in the app, however there’s a lot out there that is compatible with SmartThings but not necessarily officially supported. Each device that is paired with SmartThings requires a Device Handler (DH) sometimes known as Device Type as well. I suggest you start out checking this FAQ. There’s a lot there and it can seem intimidating at first but just take it one step at a time. Take a look a the first two topics under “Getting Started”. It’s excellent primer on how to take advantage of ST flexibility.

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Sounds like I am a few steps behind you, as I am redoing my home which In a
few months will be selling as we are building a home and want the best at
the time in construction of the new home .

I simply haven’t tried connecting a non SmartThings Device to SmartThings
except belkin wemo wall switches which are listed in ST and has it’s own
App for control, just states it’s 100% supported. I assumed if it its not
listed it would be very difficult to get ST to connect

I’ll buy both your recommendations & take it a step at a time.

Any additional suggestions or recommended devices I’m all ears

Eaton RF9534WS ASPIRE 600W RF Incandescent/MLV Smart Dimmer, White Satin
(RF9540 is the main switch model # I believe)

By chance have you heard of anyone using or connecting these aspire dimmer
switches above?
I did my my entire home with these decora switches a few years back, but
before the RF zwave were available, so redoing an expensive project

No, sorry but I’m not familiar with those although they look like very nice switches. They do make similar z-wave versions. You might want to keep in mind that newer Z-wave Plus versions are just now coming to market so you might want to wait and see what is out there. Also, I’m sure they’re doing it in a new home construction but make sure you have neutral wires, they are needed for home automation switches. If you plan on putting in ceiling fans, having separate switch for the light and fan would also be good. I personally would also run Ethernet Cat 6 cables everywhere.

I appreciate the Input I’ll take all I can Get !!! I didn’t think of the
White / neutral wires everywhere needed even in Fans and other locations ,
I suppose Red Load wires are only applicable as Normal in 3,4,5way
locations as Needed still. That’s where I get a little confused with the
wiring and Master & remote Zwave switches especially

For certain the cat 6 ethernet & 3.0 Coax cable also

Any other suggestions I’m taking Notes as I plan to hardwire Camera’s also
plus a few wireless but you can’t beat a wired eithernet camera especially
the POE = power over ether net so you don’t necessarily need a power outage
also! Now you have me thinking as I assume they can power all ethernet
Jack’s also whether it’s needed/used or with some devices.
Of course most outlets I’ll have a .7 & other 2.0 USB recepticals also