Possible to use Amazon plug without SmartThings HUB?

Doesn’t look like Amazon Plugs are compatible with SmartThings? I only got it because it was free when I got my echo at the time. Was a couple years ago.

I found a video that I will post at the bottom of this post that said to create a virtual device. I did everything in the video and when I get to the Alexa app part to set up the routine for the virtual plug, the virtual plug is not found and when I try to add a new device it isn’t found there either.

Do you absolutely have to have a SmartThings hub to do this? I’ve been Googling but haven’t really found anything talking about this. I did find one thread that said you need the SmartThings Connect app but that post was from 2018 and I don’t see that app on the play store(I’m on Android)

Anyways I’ll post the video below. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all

Link to video

It’s not compatible with smartthings, but you can use an Alexa routine if you just want to turn it on and off from smartthings. But you have to use a virtual device which is a virtual sensor, not just a switch. Alexa can see a virtual switch, but you can’t use those to trigger a routine.

You shouldn’t need a hub to make this work. (And connect was the original name for what is now the current “smartthings“ app. :sunglasses: )

See the community FAQ:

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

Thanks for the response… so how do I get my Amazon Plug to work in SmartThings then?

I followed the video but the Alexa app does not see my virtual plug/switch/whatever it is I created like the video said to do.

It would probably make the most sense to contact the creator of the video. If there’s a problem with it, they probably already heard about it from other people and should be able to give you advice.

I’ve asked the video creator and he doesn’t sound 100% sure if you need a hub or not. But he said he believes the hub is what makes the cloud connection between the Alexa app and the virtual devices on SmartThings.

Would be nice if someone who knows for sure would comment and let us know.

I can say 100% for certain that you don’t need a hub for this, because I run smartthings now in a hub optional configuration and have virtual switches. Those same virtual switches.

I can also say 100% for certain that you do not need a hub to make the connection between the Alexa app and anything on SmartThings: that is all done cloud to cloud.

(I had a smartthings hub from 2015 until early 2020 and did use the same virtual switches at that time. So I have used them in both configurations.)

I also have some of those same Amazon smart plugs. :sunglasses:

So to answer the question in your topic title, no, you don’t need a hub.

As to why the method shown in the video isn’t working for you, I don’t know.

As to figuring out what method would work for you, I’m sorry, but I’m just not feeling well today, and hopefully someone else will help you walk through that.

After doing more research I found there is a SmartThings skill that you can enable within Alexa. I did that and now I can see the virtual devices in SmartThings. So I believe I will be able to get it to work after I set everything up again.

No clue why none of the methods I have found neglected to mention the SmartThings skill within Alexa. But alas, I found it and enabled it and I seem to be on track to get it to work.

I will mark this reply as the solution so if anyone else is/was having the same issue as me they can resolve it.

TLDR: NO HUB NEEDED. Enable the SmartThings skill within the Alexa app.

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I’m glad you got it working. :sunglasses: The community FAQ that I linked to about how to have smartthings trigger echo routines definitely mentions the smartthings skill.

My guess is that since most people have already set up echo to work with their smartthings devices before they ever get around to trying to use non-smartthings devices or echo routines, most authors assume that you already have the skill enabled. So you were just ahead of the game. :wink: