POPP - Z-Wave Plus KeyPad? Other U.K. Keypad Options?

Anyone know if this will work on my UK spec Samsung Hub, I cant believe there is not a security keypad out there this is the only one I have found, its expensive but would suit my requirements if it will work ???. Any way to get this into the device handler ??
Or if there are any other internal or external keypads that will work with the SmartThings Hub.

Options 1 and 3 in the Keypad FAQ are available in UK versions. Option 2 is not. (This is a clickable link).

As far as the Popp Keypad, it’s a nice device, if expensive, but I’ve not yet heard of anyone getting it to work with SmartThings. Hopefully if someone has they’ll post here. :sunglasses:

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If this product is sold in Europe it should work with the ST UK hub from a frequency compatibility perspective.

From a device handler handler perspective, I went through the specs and most of it’s functionality will work fine with the stock ST Z-Wave Lock device handler (you may need to assign it manually). It will work like lock device where you can program user codes (e.g. using SmartLocks or any custom apps) and then it’ll send a unlock event when the correct programmed code is used. It supports upto 20 user codes.

If you want to use all the user code related features and if you have access to RBoy Apps you can use the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock device handler which will enable all the additional features like invalid codes, tampering etc:

Do keep in mind that it doesn’t actually have a lock/physical device, so you’ll need a separate app to take actions when a user “unlocks” the keypad. For that you can create custom actions using CoRE or WebCORE if you’re familiar / comfortable using the (here’s a guide on how to create custom actions on CoRE/WebCoRE when using a lock handler):

Alternatively, if you have access to RBoy Apps you can use the Door Lock Code User Management SmartApp to both, program the users into the keypad as well as take actions when the the keypad is unlocked and locked (like opening/closing garage doors, or manipulating other switches or even operating other locks).

If you end up buying this keypad, ping me and we can add a few more keypad specific configurations to the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock DTH that will allow you even more flexibility/control over your keypad.


Thanks folks I dont want this to activate a lock I have a Piston running with various sensors to protect my motorcycle and I wanted this keypad to activate it or deactivate the Piston from my property entrance. Kind of act like a security key panel. This sounds like it might be suitable but worried about the cost verses the possibility of it not working. thanks.

Sounds like you’re familiar with CoRE/WebCoRE, you can totally do this, see the guide I posted above on how to setup CoRE/WebCoRE to take action on the unlock event. If you don’t need any advanced features then you can use the stock ST Z-Wave lock device handler and still capture the event and process it.

That would be your call. Since this is a Z-Wave product you’ll need a EU frequency product.

The other alternative is to buy a ZigBee keypad like the Centralite, UEI, Xfinity or IRIS from the US and it should work fine in UK also. They’re pretty cheap. With those you can use the Mitch Pond/Zack device handler if you just want to “capture” the event or if you want to treat it like a lock with user codes you can use the Enhanced Zigbee Keypad Lock device handler and still use it with CoRE/WebCoRE like you would any other lock device.

These ZigBee keypads are pretty cheap, $10 to $20, I don’t know if they’re available in the UK/Eu, you could google it or buy it from eBay and have it shipped to you. e.g

The centralite/Iris keypads are the ones mentioned in the FAQ that I linked to as option 2). The one that is not available in the UK.

There’s no frequency issue with Zigbee, But there is a transmission strength issue. The US allows for “amplified” zigbee, which has the strength up to 20. The EU sets the maximum at 12. So there are quite a few zigbee devices sold in the US which are illegal to import or operate in the UK for this reason.

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This is great!!!

I have had one sitting at home for a few months now but due to being away all the time not had time to play with it. I will give it a go this coming weekend.

I have the apps installed, are there any pointers to adding the keypad please…?

Assign the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock device handler to the Popp Keypad? Use the Door Lock Code User Management SmartApp? Simple as? :slight_smile: Really looking forward to getting this working!


Yep that’s it. Once you’ve paired the keypad PM me the “raw description” from the device page and we can look at adding support for the custom configuration parameters.



Thank You!

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Raw description sent via PM.


Hi @RBoy ,

Further details with logs sent via PM. No hurry in the slightest but please could you just confirm that you can see the messages as not sure if you got them or I just replied to myself in the thread lol.


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