Poor Man's Manual Bolt - Semi- Automated

Quite frequently I faced the problem of family members leaving the main entrance door bolt in open position.

I already have a door open/close sensor on top of the door, however this didnt inform about the bolt position even with a closed door.

I dont have the luxury of changing or installing a smart deadbolt in my old rented apartment.

With a cable clip, cable tie, a lying around mutli sensor and some Scotch double sided tape, i went for a makeshift solution.

I know not very durable or fancy, however it seems that it will fulfill the purpose. With some automation in SmartThings or HomeAssitant I can trigger some alert if the bolt is opened and left in open position for more than X minutes - similarly some automation may be made with presence detection.

Some pics for any feedback or skepticism…

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He did something similar, but using a microswitch, several years ago. (The topic title is a clickable link.)