Poll Status of Connection between SmartHub and Hue Bridge

Is there any way to have ST actually report when and if a connection between Hue hub and ST is not good?

There are times that ST shows the lights are on for Philips Hue but in reality they are not on.

Use @geko’s pollster app… At some point even ST was polling every 5 minutes but I rely though on pollster. Search the forum for the link. I rely on it nowadays.

So with polling you’ve increased the amount of traffic your network is carrying by at least eight times? (A poll command represents two message packets, but a refresh can be more if the device sends back multiple status updates.)

Wow! Aren’t you having collision issues? (Like, say, only 8 out of 9 bulbs turning on?)

In commercial mesh installations a typical guideline is to limit polling to 5% of traffic. Obviously in a residential installation it’s up to each person, so if this is working for you, great, but it’s wildly inefficient.

@JDRoberts frustration at times makes you do the stupidest thing… :slight_smile: and don’t want to seriously jinx it…but all of a sudden 13 hues and its friends are getting turned on in one shot by a hello home at sunset…and what can I say… May be 13 is a lucky number… And I have no explanation… And did I mention it’s 13 hues & family plus 2 GE links that it polls… :slight_smile: finally realized what’s there to loose but to gain…,:wink:

And believe me I reiterate and totally agree that this is the craziest thing to do… Good night turned them all off couple of minutes back. And of course on a “normal” day, as you said some of them do get missed as always even before this polling.

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