Plex adds Alexa skill and webhooks for automation

While not specifically about ST this might be cool integration into ST

In the release they mention using the webhooks to connect with a Wink hub and leviton switch to turn down the lights when a video starts and turn back on when video is over. Note: the webhook functionality is currently only for Plex Pass subscribers.


Thanks for posting this, just had a play about with it and they are one of the few companies that have done really good job with Alexa!

Going to have some fun playing with this now!

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I’ve updated PlexPlus to support the webhook and allow control of the lighting using SmartThings. I will need to make a couple of wording and documentation changes to help with setup, but install it, enable OAuth, enable debugging in the SmartApp and it’ll post the webhook URL in live logging :slight_smile:

v3.1 - Added support for Plex Webhook (Plex Pass users only)

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Just to say, my experience of the Alexa side of things is rubbish! The problem is that a large number of players are not supported, Roku and Samsung TVs appear to be two of them :frowning:

I believe Dish TV and Harmony are about the only TV to Alexa integration at the moment. Surely the future will bring further integrations - natively.

I’m talking specifically about Plex on those devices, not the devices themselves… the issue is that the Plex API is largely a mess with multiple instances of API, and each device could be using each API differently…

The answer is that there is no easy way to actually control Plex, as it varies between device, and it’s clear that even Plex themselves are struggling because of it :slight_smile: You just need to check the plex forum right now with all the people saying their devices don’t work…

@Entityxenon is this your official integration or yours is a fork of Plex’s?

I don’t understand the question, but probably doesn’t help I’m talking about two entirely different things :slight_smile:

My second post talking about Alexa relates to the official Plex/Alexa skill, it doesn’t work for me, but I’m not surprised based on my experience of the Plex API generally (Not used in PlexPlus, but being developed by ph4r in the Plex HT Manager SmartApp, developing with a documented API should be easy, but there is a lot undocumented and each player seems to work differently, some using old APIs, some using unofficial APIs ) :frowning:

Plex skill works great here. Even if my TV is off, it starts up my Shield and opens Plex

Alexa is working fine with Plex on my Roku, at least for listening to music. However, the Plex integration doesn’t support playlists, which is sort of bummer. Plex says they are looking into adding that.

If you use Kodi + Plex addon (PlexPass user), or Rasplex, the Plex skill is not working :frowning:
No joy for Rpi user.


Which Roku do you have? It’s saying it can’t find any players on my local network?

I have an older Samsung TV (2011) which is my primary plex player. Should I assume it won’t work with that either?

Server update appears to have fixed my Roku issue!

@doncaruana no I don’t think it works for Samsung TVs still from what I have seen, I expect part of the issue is getting it to even select the TV when it’s name is the TV model number and you can’t give it a friendly name!

FYI, Plex list here the following Plex Apps (clients) as compatible with the new Alexa skill:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android (mobile)
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • iOS
  • PlayStation 4
  • Plex Media Player
  • Plex Web App
  • Roku
  • Windows/Windows Phone

Also to note that it will also only work on the primary account, it doesn’t currently work on secondary user accounts!

I was curious…If I add the Plex skill to my Roku, and put some MP3s on a flash drive plugged into the Roku, can I get ST/Webcore to access those MP3s and play them on an Echo when triggered?

[EDIT] Nvrmnd…turns out that doesn’t work.