Please Help! I thought I was tech savvy until I got SmartThings

Hey Everyone,

I have been using SmartThings since June and was happy with out of the box pairing to my Ikea devices and Amazon. I am looking into more advanced options but it is frying my brain - is there a basic SmartThings 101 class online? I am trying to add a SmartApp (ABC controller) so I can use my Ikea remote to incremental dim instead of having preset levels only. I have seen post in the community but haven’t got a clue on how to install them, all the abbreviations like DTH etc are throwing me off.

My SmartThings hub started smoking in December and lost power. I have had emails back and forth with Samsung who have finally dispatched a new hub. I have re-paired all my devices to the new hub however duplicates are still appearing as disconnected to the old hub and I cannot remove them or remove the old location due to a server error. Any help with this?

Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read this and even more thanks if you’re able to help.

I can’t help with the hub migration issues, but let’s start with the basics.

The following FAQ will explain the terms, abbreviations, and concepts behind using custom code, so that should clear some things up. (The topic title is a clickable link):

Also, this might help a little:

Oh, and we do need to ask what country you are in, as some features are region-specific.


Thank you so much, I’m from the UK. I’ve been searching google and SmartThings site for hours for the info you have provided. Thanks again

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To add to what @JDRoberts shared, also take a look at this post. It explains few key concepts about SmartThings like devices and apps also how they interact with each other.


Thank you also. I think I am being extra stupid - after reading all the links I am still clueless. I have managed to install a SmartApp via GitHub (ABC Controller) however when I go to run the smart app in the smarthings app I get an error message. I only want to be able to increase/decrease the dimmer incrementally. Thinking of just giving up and going back to normal light bulbs.

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It’s not you… Smartthings has always been very powerful, but not very intuitive. And a lot of things feel much harder than it seems like they should be, even when you are just using the built-in features. :scream:

Usually if you are having a problem with a custom smartapp, the best thing is to ask in the author thread for that code. The author will be automatically notified when new questions are posted, and other people who are using the same code may also be able to help.

So in this case:

ABC - Advanced Button Controller - Newest Edition

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I believe this SmartApp has a corresponding child device handler which also needs to be installed and I suspect without installing/publishing that device handler you’ll run into the error you’re seeing (the SmartApp is trying to create virtual button devices for you and it can’t find the device handler). As JD said, if you can’t figure out it it’s best to contact the Author.