Please bring back the original dashboard (Things Tile View)

Having read through the past forty posts I think the wish list of what we are looking for is as follows:

A) List View (status quo / “new” view)
B) Icon View (traditional view)
C) Tree View (expandable/collapsable “folder within folder” view)

Anything I’m missing?

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I mostly use widgets, Apple Watch or remotes to execute routines and I love it. With widgets it’s one-hand operation - pull down then click. When the phone is charging, I use my watch. Other family members use remotes. If you set up routines right, you almost never have to control individual devices. I just wish routines were more powerful though, e.g. allow setting dim level individually for each light.


If I lived alone, I could probably automate everything from when I get home until when I go to bed.

If you have a wife, kids, pets, visitors, etc… what you can actually automate and forget about forever about is down to a few lights on motion sensors and setting modes.

I absolutely love automating tasks, and as an engineer, even do it for a living… but Smart home is not about schedules and digital switches… it is a collaboration between the homeowner and the home system. My system will close the garage door when I forget, I will tell the house that it is movie time and to set that up for me. In the ideal deployment, the system should be a partnership with the user. Humans are very analog and need redundant reassurances, and the digital side has to accommodate. At night it should be “Is everything off and locked?” , “Yes Mark, sweet dreams”… not "Is everything turned off?.. I hope the script ran… let me find my phone open up 4 tabs to check… and hope the sensor just isn’t ‘stuck’ on closed.

I deploy many processes, devices, and GUIs in my line of work… and it is important to not only make sure the system does what it is designed, but to also look at how your system is being used. Reinforcing the users behavior is always easier than trying to change it. I absolutely love the SmartThings framework… but UIs will never go away. What that UI is can have many parts, subtle light changes, sounds, etc… but it isn’t something that will ever go away completely. A quick look at the most popular community projects will show how many are information feedback related vs straight fire and forget automation type of things.


+1 to that suggestion.

For now, there are community created solutions/work arounds for that request, the downside is that, even with the good notes and great community documentation, its still a pretty intense process just to have multiple readings display at the same time from one device.


So I have 45 devices currently running on my ST network (probably 10 more in a box if I ever get to installing them). I too miss the old all in one window. It was helpful seeing if my locks were locked, what lights were on, who was home, where there was motion, and thermostat status. That said I also like the new rooms screens, I have rooms for my bedrooms, Living area, office, frontyard, and backyard. Segmenting the home into these 5 areas with longer names next to each icon is something very useful.

Best of both worlds might be a screen that looks like the Routines screen where 6 icons can be displayed with small text describing each below. Being able to scroll up and down in this view would probably be very useful.

I’m torn on what to do. My new hub is coming this week and yet I don’t want to lose the dashboard (Not the things view).

Its a great quick few of mostly Doors/Windows/Locks which I believe is critical. Maybe it could be added to the Smart Home Monitor some how.

Also, I can see where some may prefer but I would rather Smart Home monitor continue to notify me that things are happening rather than just the first one…

And I hate to use a another app as sweet as smartiles

I reinstall app 2 times, new app has crash.

You can run the new Hub with the 1.7.x version of the mobile App.

insteon app - this look pretty good…


The very state of where we are in terms of home automation. There’s been huge progress from the ‘dumb’ switch to the z-wave, but glancing over a screen to see if the script ran is today’s reliability check. We are a few years away from saying good night to our homes without looking over our shoulders to make sure the lights are off and the doors are locked. Undeniably ST is moving in the right direction, but…Are we there yet?


Wink App looks pretty good too, but backend doesn’t hold up.

SmartThings has a lot of great examples they could have used as inspiration and guidance.

A Cadillac car towing an Air Stream.


I was one of the people who did not like the old things view. I did not like having to shake my phone to see the labels. That said, I would have preferred a user selected layout with options for grid or list.

My ultimate preference is that SmartThings opens the APIs up and allows developers to create custom clients. The one they ship will never be all things to everyone. It will never make sense for every single user’s household. You can come pretty close today with some of the available 3rd party dashboards that are out there, but you will have to deal with an app and a webpage or at least two mobile apps.


FIrst, it is good to hear you have an actual design team!
Here is my wish list for the app:
1.Open, generic Tagging of all Things & Apps –
2.Ability for us, the user, to Group and Search, Display & Select any set
3.Ability to see common Status (ala one key Thing par Room today)
4.Ability to send common Commands (as applicable dynamically in Set)
5.Not the least, Responsive design including tablets!!!

You guys cannot guess how we all want our Things grouped.
Rooms, Floors, Temps, Doors, Inside, Outside, Kids, Adults, ad nauseum


The issue with Folders are the rigid hierarchy. That is why Tags are so powerful. You could follow your logical thought path and I could follow mine. Fast, contemporary design of Cloud Tags and Search-narrowed-lists would work for both of us. “Contemporary Design…”


I agree with the Zraken, that I used the Thing Tile View 99% of the time on my iPhone. I could see more at one glance and I had all 19 devices on the same page. Actually, if the icons could be 4 across, that would be even better.

Thank-you for your consideration.

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Its been a while, and I still miss the grid view. Why would smartthings take a step back in design is beyond me. Will the following big update remove the icons and bring the DOS prompt> back?


Not sure that was a step back. It was a different direction, but to be honest, that wasn’t the proper way to go. Go look at other products on the market, you will see they all are leaving the “Grid view”.

Not quite.

Competitors generally offer multiple customizable view options of the same devices. A “dashboard” is a popular choice for tablets, although it can be unwieldy on a phone.

And since the first SmartThings retail offering is labeled as a security kit, almost all the competing security systems have a dashboard of some type, and some even have a floorplan dashboard which combines rooms and devices.

The default is trending towards a rooms paradigm, but not implemented the way the SmartThings app does, because with the others you do get some detail information in the first view. And often a customizable choice of the details.

So the competition’s top level is a “summary dashboard” with visual icons of the rooms including some details such as rooms where there is an alert of some kind, maybe temperature, maybe video.

Many have a separate icon showing security status.

Then you drill down into any one of those icons to see its detail dashboard. But there is usually still an “all devices” grid option as well.

The newest UI releases have been for smartwatches, and a dashboard obviously isn’t practical there. But these are alternatives being offered to the existing dashboards to support more preferences, not replacements for them.

In the old dashboard, I got a similar kind of detail flag as soon as it opened. If the gate was left open there was a yellow alert. I might not of known which gate, but I knew immediately that there was a condition to be checked. This is a persistent alert. A text notification is nice, but it doesn’t serve the same purpose.

Now, I have to go through at least two screens to get this information. Plus I’m scrolling. as Someone who depends on accessibility options, I’m very aware of how much drilling down as required. :fearful:

When I choose the rooms view in the SmartThings app, instead of getting a “groups dashboard” as most of the competition provides, I just get a list of room names. That’s it.

That’s not a new market trend direction for the UI. That’s a proof of concept for a UI that isn’t fully featured yet.

Submitted with respect.


Oh no doubt about it. I just don’t feel a fallback to the “tile view” is right either. But I completely am there with you that this isn’t full baked…and that yes, this is more a proof of concept, more than a fully vetted out solution. I find the new interface clunky, and equally as slow. No improvement, I just feel “different”. I can only imagine the experience you have, compared to mine due to your difficulties—I would have hoped SmartThings would have reached out to you specifically, as a case scenario. Taking care of your needs really would open a world of opportunity to a specific market, and yet likely help everyone else out as well. But I digress…

It seems every new significant app update doesn’t get us any closer to the right solution. What I find funny though, is that because SmartThings cant figure it out, people are building their own solutions to accomplish what a multi-million dollar company, owned by a multi-billion dollar company cant figure out. And they are doing this with varying success, debatably great success, with a fraction of the resources!.. Between all the use of IFTTT, custom dashboards, and custom rule builders, and the most interestingly new entry ( which I am following, though has room to grow). Though that is the brilliance of the functionality provided to the community… but I wonder when SmartThings will wake up. Way too big of a company to keep having us do, as what you said, “proof of concepts”. What kills me more, is the Proof of concept removed functionality…

But anyways. Just my .02$. We are not where we need to be for a v2 app… not at least, in my opinion.