Please advise status on Ring integration (UK)?

Oh my God, I just checked the Ring iOS app and it seems that live view is enabled!!!
(Mine is battery powered)

This is very good news - nice one! Will set mine up tomorrow :slight_smile:

The Ring UK Integration is live! Thanks so much for your patience!

As with all new integrations, please send any bugs, issues, or feature requests to so we can get gather some data about how well the integration is working as well as how you guys would like to use it.


One small thing I have noticed is that the ‘Big Talker’ smart app is unable to distinguish between a motion alert on thE Ring and and actual button press.

I’ve got Big Talker set up to only speak when the doorbell is pressed and yet it talks speaks the same phrase when motion is detected.

Thanks for letting me know, Jon. We’ll try to reproduce the issue and flag our engineers accordingly

Great work, up and running, will feedback on usage. Would be great to know if any plans to integrate live video (Liveview) into Smarthings?

Hi ktsi,

What is battery power like with live view enabled?

Thanks so much!
Any plans to add StickUp cam?

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Hmm where is it? I am not seeing it under Things? No doorbell group?

this is not a good thing of you have drilled holes into your hard as steel brick wall already!

You’ll find it under cameras.

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I guess it depends on how much you use the live view functionality. If you spend half a n hour day the battery will die in a week.

Many thanks for integrating Ring and Ring Pro doorbells.

If and when you integrate the Ring Floodlight Cam, please can you update here: Ring Floodlight Cam

I would like to purchase one of these but only if/when SmartThings integrates!

Many thanks

Also Stick up cam pretty please!



and again!

Hi Hope you can Help CHRIS…

I bought my Ring Floodlight cam with the intention of integrating it with Smartthings… that’s when I stumbled across this page. So I sent an email to Ring and they confirmed that they have allowed integration on the Ring end but it seems as Samsung Smartthings haven’t yet intergrated on their end!! Smartthings is this true?? if so why is UK always so slow to get the good stuff! Sort it out!

Hi Mitz155,

Sorry for the delay!

I can tell you that the Floodlight Cam is on our list of upcoming integrations, but our engineers are focused on other projects at the moment. Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA for the integration.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you. For now, I recommend using IFTTT to integrate your Floodlight cam with SmartThings.

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Hi. Are you any further along with the integration of the floodlight cam?
It was one of the reasons for my purchase.

My Ring battery powered Spotlight cam suddenly appeared in my “things” the other day.

Looks like they’ve integrated it and works a treat with live video feed