PIN for in-app door unlocking (schlage lock)

Does anyone know if there is a way to require a PIN entry before opening a smart lock (I have a Schlage) with the SmartThings app. I already have a PIN on my phone, i am just worried that I will accidentally tap the device and unlock the door and would like a bit more security?

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Basically it sounds like you want to disable the lock/unlock button on your phone so that the only way to operate the lock would be to do it physically using the keypad. Is that right? If so the only way to do that would be using a custom device handler which removes those buttons, but you can’t get rid the lock/unlock functionality since that’s needed by ST to operate.

There are additional ways to build in security, like use autolock so that if it’s accidentally opened it’ll lock itself.
You can also use a notifications rule to notify you everytime the lock is unlocked (e.g. if you’re using the Lock Code User management app, you can set it to notify you on a manual/remote unlock/lock and also auto relock it if your hardware doesn’t support it) or you can setup a rule in CoRE/WebCoRE etc.

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Thanks. I would like to keep the lock/unlock function in the app, but just require the entry of a pin (or some other protection) before unlocking. I just think it is too easy to accidentally hit the button on the app (I did it last night when I thought I was turning a light off) and paranoid that if I lose my phone someone could open my doors.

I’m not sure what this means. You can always protect your phone with a pin to access it.

You can use additional mechanisms to notify you or lock the door (see my above post, I edited it include more details) if is is unlocked remotely or manually.

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Thanks. I already have a PIN/fingerprint protection on my phone. I meant that in the app rather than simply tapping a button the app would ask me to enter a PIN before it unlocks a door. The notifications are a good idea, but are just reactive I am looking for preventative.

If your phone is pin protected / fingerprint id, then in the event of it being lost or stolen that shouldn’t ever matter because they can’t get to the app anyway.

As for pin protecting a specific device so you don’t accidentally lock/unlock, if you were to use ActionTiles and create a dashboard with your locks on them, then you can specifically create a pin code for them so that the button/tile cannot be pushed without entering a 4 digit PIN code. This way you do not need to use the SmartThings Classic app for controlling any of your things / devices. The Classic app is limited and is not going to accomplish what you want unless you completely disable the ability to unlock/lock the device from things which will require you to modify the DTH code. :slight_smile:


+1 for ActionTiles as a solution for this use case (:wink: - I’m co-founder).

ActionTiles has PIN Protection option on most Tile Types (including SHM, Lock, etc.) by popular demand.

Of course, if you still need the SmartThings App on your phone for device configuration or functionality not available in ActionTiles, then you’ll have to log out of the SmartThings App when not using it. ActionTiles stays logged in and should cover the majority of your daily needs.

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You can enable fingerprint protection for the entire app, but not for part of it. If you go into the menu you should see below My Account “Fingerprint Protection” if you device support fingerprint ID.

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Note: This is less about security than it is about the OP being in the app and accidentally locking and unlocking (self induced).

The clarification I made about the security aspect was based on the OP saying if “they lost their phone”, and if the phone itself was pin / fingerprint protected, then they don’t need to worry about accessibility to the lock(s) or any applications by a 3rd party if they can’t even unlock the phone.

No, there is no protection built into the app for mistakes. The only thing you could do name the device something with ZZ in front of it. I do this with devices I won’t use, like virtual switches I don’t interact with or test devices. Then it is all the way at the bottom of the list with the other never used stuff.

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That’s for sure.

Pardon over-promoting ActionTiles here, but “mistakes” are an example where I personally use our PIN Protected Tile option…

I have a very high-wattage “heated concrete bench” in the garden which doesn’t even have an LED indicator on it. To avoid turning it on accidentally, I use the PIN Protection setting on its Switch Tile. This is also a common use case for homes with children who shouldn’t be turning on certain devices (or unlocking the door…; or changing the Thermostat - thought PIN protection isn’t available on our Thermostat Tiles yet :grimacing:).

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I have the pin set up on the panel i use on my phone for those things I want to be SUPER sure I never change and on the important ones on my wall panels. Works great!

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I’m with OP on this one.
It would be nice to create a delay button push or a “confirm to open” pop up window before unlocking the door.

Personally I created a routine in Core to have a few things happen when i open a door also setup contingency to close the door if Schlage failed.

I created a virtual button for the core routine and add it to favorite for easy access on the dashboard.

Having a pop up only for unlocking door lock would be awesome or some other measures.

I show all my friends how smartthings work and like a retarted(sorry) child they would hit the open door button. Even if im not home.

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I think @tgauchat is right, action tiles is your best best for the foreseeable future for this feature.

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Also with OP on this one. It’s way too easy to accidentally tap to unlock or open the garage door. Wish there was a tap and hold or slide to unlock/open.

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