Password/Pin protect SmartThings App on mobile device

I’d like to have the option to password, four digit pin, protect my SmartThings app.

I don’t think we should rely on a 3rd party application to do this. Setup mobile app password as it should be built into the app its self.

Anyone with access to my iPad or phone can unlock my doors view my camera’s and mess with my thermostats. If my dropbox app can have a password option so should the ST app.


It’s a great feature request (and it’s been raised several times), but SmartThings absolutely needs to prioritize their development work – stability before features!!! – so as a Product Manager, I can see how this falls lower on the list.

Consider that:

  1. You already have the option of a master PIN, password, or fingerprint for your mobile.

  2. Many other “sensitive” Apps do not have secondary PIN’s (some folks would even consider their Facebook to be extremely sensitive; and many folks confidently use saved passwords within mobile browsers to access bank accounts, and so on).

  3. You already have the option of fully logging off the App manually, whenever and as often as you choose.

  4. As you note, there are add-on Apps that can be used.

  1. I have my phone setup to not lock while at home for convenience.
  2. Some folks are stupid
  3. I don’t want to re-type my password all the time and remember to log off.
  4. I have enough apps. This is like the flashlight app that was popular before makers decided that has to be part of the OS.
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Your number 1 made me laugh. Sorry, I know what you mean, but it comes across differently to me than I think you may have expected.

So, four digit pin on the phone, done. I agree with tgauchat that this should fall way down on the list until stability is achieved in the rest of the system. But it would be nice to have at some point as an option.

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And other folks are … judgmental and impatient? :unamused:

Seriously… This is a very valid feature request. Just sharing my opinion that I doubt it’s near the top of the list. That’s why I listed the alternatives currently available.

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Do tell…


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If you don’t lock your phone for convenience, your entire premise fails:

Anyone with access to my iPad or phone can unlock my doors view my camera’s and mess with my thermostats.

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I thought about that… the thing is between me leaving my home and the phone locking is 15 min. Plenty of time for me to loose it and someone finding it.

Maybe i’m just being paranoid, living in a large city dosn’t help.

Use presence to lock the device instead of the 15 minute timeout, if your device supports it. My phone unlocks when I have my BT earpiece on or when I’m home or at work. If I leave the area, it locks. Course in a big city, even that may be too long of an opening.

Security and convenience are always a trade-off I guess.

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So … Dropbox and SmartThings are the only sensitive Apps on your phone?!?

Or are you posting this “PIN Required” feature request on a dozen various App support forums?

I just used Dropbox as an example. The only other app that I would secure is TinyCam (used to check on Foscam’s) and that already has the pin option.

No other app on my phone can unlock my front door. Convenience shouldn’t come at the cost of security.

I guess you have your answer then. Gotta keep your phone locked if you don’t choose the other options.

How about a device specific pin? Like - misting system ST outlet requires a pin to turn device on. This helps prevent accidental turn on without the water being turned on.

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On ActionTiles Panels, we offer the ability to PIN protect most Tile types as an individual Tile Security option. We are likely to extend this to all Tile types (currently, Thermostat cannot be PIN Protected, for example, but Lock, Valve, etc, can).