Phone presence not accurately detected

I have my phone connected to ST as presence sensor, and I also have Tado which uses my phone for location too. I have integrated Tado into my ST, so now I can see two presence sensors which are effectively the same (my phone).

I have noticed that the one for Tado is far more accurate than the one for ST - I left for work around 9 this morning, Tado phone shows the correct time, and ST phone didn’t pick it up until about 12…

This is not the first time that I noticed ST is not very accurate about my presence. It is worse with my partner’s phone, that he had to use a ST presence sensor otherwise his location status on ST never gets updated properly.

I’ve set my phone up so that battery optimisation off for ST, all permissions given, an Tado picks up my location just fine so my phone is sending correct signals.

Anyone knows what could be the reason for this please? I read it elsewhere that mobile phones are supposed to be rather reliable presence sensors. It is certainly not the case for me…

Many thanks


Lots of reasons, see these topics for some insight on how presence works:


Many thanks - will have a good read!