Phone Connect To Wifi Event

I have been searching and only finding threads about this from 6 years ago so I think I am trying to do something that maybe can be done a much simpler way.

I want to change a switch based on my phone being connected to my router.

I’m guessing but maybe this is a legacy thing people did and now they do something like buy the smartthings wifi device and handle it using that?

edit: I have the 3rd gen hub, and I’d like to only do this using smartthings if possible

What brad and model is your router? There may be an IFTTT integration. I use an old App called HostPinger running on a Pi3 however, it’s Groovy based which will eventually be put to rest.

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I have the 3rd gen hub but I would only like to do this using smartthings not IFTTT

Knowing which SmartThings hub you have is good, but for this particular use case it’s actually more important to know the brand and model of your WiFi router. Some routers make this easy; some do not.

Similarly, we need to know if you have an android or iOS phone.

it’s a surfboard sbg10

I use android

thanks for the help

I think I realized the problem on why I’m only finding threads that are 6 years old. People have moved on from smartthings just like samsung has.

Hi - You might want to check this out:

Although it was created to address the iphone problem, I don’t know of any reason why it wouldn’t work with Andriod, which are actually more reliable for detecting connection to the LAN.

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I am not aware of a way of doing this just within SmartThings. It always needs that extra bit of help. It is particularly frustrating on phones that are running the SmartThings app as they are already reporting presence so why not report other useful stuff too, such as battery level and the WiFi connection status? The app does plenty of things that could be done as well or better elsewhere, yet skimps on the things it is best placed to do itself.


thank you all for the help! I came here because of the problems with smartthings being able to be accurate with my phone’s location in “members” and I read about other peoples problems with it.

I will be moving on to Home Assistant, which I’m reading is much more accurate, but at the expense of being more difficult to set up.

Perfect for my plan to finally learn python!

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